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Not long ago, the social network badoo, mainly used to meet people and make friends, surprised its users with a major update that brought a new design and also a different information architecture than they have been used to for a long time.

The truth is that this update has incorporated some things and apparently left out others… However, recently resource for uploading videos to badoo profile has been re-incorporated and users can use this utility to have another option to make themselves known and appear more integrated to other badoo users.

In this way, all interested parties who want to use this badoo resource and have a profile with photos and videos may review the text below as a tutorial explaining how to do this.

what videos to upload to badoo

Before explaining the process of uploading a video to badoo, it is necessary to comment what kind of audiovisual content it would be interesting for you to share on this social network and clarify from now on that you can only upload videos that you have on your Instagram account, ie if you are an Instagram user and you have a video there, you can attach it to your badoo account. There are currently no other options for posting or uploading videos, perhaps in the future it will be possible from another social network.

That said, a good one video option to share on badoo it is the one in which the user can show himself as he is, physically so that other users can judge his appearance or his good presence with greater confidence and for this reason it can be a home-made video or a more sophisticated realization that you have on Instagram and showing your face as your figure accompanied by some appropriate words, comments or greetings so that they project or radiate confidence or good energy.

Another good alternative is to show yourself in a video that you have on Instagram doing some hobby or sport or something that you really like and represents an essential part of your life and for this there are endless possibilities such as being with a pet, a long walk a path or that landscape or a magical sunset or just you, doing some housework or your work activity.

In short, this type of video will project a positive image of you and generate greater trust in other users and you will thus be able to arouse the curiosity of those people who see you on badoo and interact with you with greater confidence and interest.

How to put videos on Badoo | Step 1

As a first step, you need to access badoo using the search engine or by typing the URL ( of this online social interaction site.

How to put videos on Badoo | Step 2

After logged into your badoo account typing your email and password, you have to go to your profile page and for this you have to click on your nickname which is located in the left sidebar of the options (if you are on a desktop computer) and that will direct you to your profile with your photos and your data.

How to put videos on Badoo | Step 3

In your profile, you will find a distinctive icon of » video camera » which you have to click and a window will open.

How to put videos on Badoo | Step 4

In the window that has opened, you will be asked for the respective data to open your Instagram account, ie your username and password for your Instagram account, then you have to click on the button » Submit «.

Nota 1 | Remember that you can only post videos from Instagram, there is no other alternative.

How to put videos on Badoo | Step #5

Finally, you have to choose the video you have on Instagram that you want to share and upload it accordingly, then the badoo system will upload your Instagram video to this social network and attach it to your badoo user profile where your photos are located.

If you wish, you can upload more instagram videos to your badoo account following the same procedure and also you can leave it in private photos folder or if you think, in time you can delete said video, good luck with this new resource.

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