Xiaomi repair mode: what it is and how it works

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We won't deny that Xiaomi is one of our favorite phone brands. Not only because it produces spectacular mobile devices with an unbeatable value for money, but also because MIUI, its level of customization, is for many users the best.

Because you love it or hate it but what cannot be denied is that MIUI, unlike Android in its stock version, has a multitude of features to make your life easier. The latest utility to arrive is the MIUI 12.5 Repair Mode, a very useful tool that can lead us to misunderstand because of its name.

What is the repair mode?

MIUI 12 brings a new feature called repair mode.

It is called Repair Mode but, despite the name, it is not used to repair the mobile device in which case it breaks or something is wrong. Despite it all, there is no doubt that this feature is really cool and will definitely be useful to more than one.

Let's say that we have to have our Xiaomi device repaired at the official store. Most of the time when a technician starts messing with a device, they always end up with the same one, formatted or factory reset. A necessary move so that he cannot access our personal data but that for the user it can be somewhat annoying since when he returns the mobile, he has to reinstall everything from scratch unless he has made a backup.

Well, the repair mode allows you to solve this problem. Repair Mode allows you to create a new user profile without any personal data (or e-mail accounts, installed applications, archived files ...) and from which you cannot exit if you do not know the password. In this way the user can leave the device to be repaired without any fear, as the technician will never be able to access their personal data.

Its activation is really simple since you just have to access the settings and select the mode. To get out of it, we will do the same operation with the exception that we will have to enter a password for it.

How Xiaomi repair mode works

The video we leave on these lines clearly shows how this new and useful repair mode works.

As we all know, in our mobile terminal we store a multitude of private data, so this device is something so personal and non-transferable. However, there are times when there is no other option than to temporarily leave our smartphone, such as when we send it in for repair.

The repair mode will allow us to be completely reassured when a third party uses our terminal since what it does is «restart the mobile as if it were from the factory», with no personal data, photos, contacts, email accounts or applications installed. As if straight out of the box.

In this way, the technician will be able to do what he wants with it since he will not be able never access our data if it does not know the password to exit Repair Mode, which is not recommended. Because as we said before, signing out in this way is very simple since it will only ask us for a password and as if by magic, we will have access to all the data on our mobile terminal again.

The best is that switching between the two modes takes only a few seconds, so we won't waste time when steps from normal mode to repair mode.

The Repair Mode arrives with MIUI 12.5 and apparently it will be to do so permanently also in future updates. With this new feature, Xiaomi proves to be a brand that likes to take care of the details on its smartphones and that MIUI is at full title, one of the best levels of customization we can find today.

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