With which cards can I pay Spotify? What cards do you accept?

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Now, if what you want is to have access to all the music available, you just need to get a subscription to Spotify Premium; but what will you get from this service? How many? What cards do you accept? We will answer all these questions in this post; don't take off and read on with us.

What benefits will I get from acquiring the Spotify service at all levels?

  • Spotify Free: You can create or have a Spotify account for free and you can listen almost all reproductions available, but you will not be able to listen to them the way you want, but by choosing a specific album, artist or genre. Also by accepting this package you will have to endure annoying and constant advertising.
  • Spotify Premium - if you get this package you will enjoy its content and pay only $ 10 per month; And not only that, but you will have access to beyond 50 millions of songs without annoying ads and with unmatched audio quality. This package contains a great advantage, you can save your songs and listen to them whenever you want offline.
  • Spotify for the family: completely familiar package, super fun because the family will have access to all their favorite songs from their Premium account; It has high compatibility with up to 6 different devices of people living in a house. Parents will be able to have parental control and monitor what their little ones are listening to. This category costs $ 15 per month.
  • Spotify for students: if you own a document that you demonstrate that you are a university student, like an email from your institution, you can take advantage of this incredible Premium package with a 50% discount; so it will only cost $ 5 per month.
  • Spotify duo: If you live alone or alone with your partner or family member, you can enjoy this amazing Premium package for two persons and both will enjoy the same playlist at an incredible discounted price; Don't wait any longer and get the Spotify Premium duo right away.

With which cards can I pay for the Spotify service?

Spotify may be faulty as it does not accept a credit card to pay; This could be because the card you want to pay is incorrect. That is why it is essential to know which ones  debit and credit cards accepts Spotify. We see:

  • MasterCard.
  • American press.
  • Visa.

Likewise, it has other methods of pagamento digital:

  • PayPal.
  • paysafecard.

With which cards can I pay Spotify to include them?

Next we will give you the simple step by step on how to quickly include your cards.

  1. Once registered in your Spotify account, it is necessary enter it.
  2. Then at the top of the page you will need to write the 16 figures of your debit or credit card.
  3. A fundamental step that you will find in the conditions of use is that you will have to enter the your expiration date with the month and year of the card you insert.
  4. Then proceed with inserting the code that appears on the back of your card.
  5. And press the button for iniziare the free trial And that's it! In this simple way, your payment method will be included in Spotify.

Now, if you didn't like the service, you just have to enter the top of the charges and press or click to cancel the charges and that way you won't pay anything at the end of the month.

Without a doubt, Spotify is an unrivaled platform with which you will have a lot of fun, so don't stop trying the experience. If you liked this post, don't stop commenting and tell us if it was useful to you, we love reading our users' comments.

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