WiFi Protected Setup: What is the WPS button on my router and what is it for? How to turn it on and off?

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Many of us have been looking for a way to make our wireless connections more secure by investigating the different types of keys and encryption to improve WiFi security and even if we connect via mobile data. Every year new cases of cyber attacks and online scams force us to strengthen our security measures. In other words, we are constantly looking to configure and improve the security of the connection of our WiFi router.

For this, in this article we will talk about a security method that almost all routers that generate connections have WI-Fi. Let's start by knowing better what the WPS and what is it for.

What is WPS and what is it for?

WPS, an acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, is a standard security system found in many routers and allows us to establish a wireless connection with the push of a button.

This new connection system came to light in 2006 under the company Wi-Fi Alliance, who devised this system to strengthen security, but also to make the process of connecting from a router easier.

His idea had an immediate impact and from this moment all companies joined the change, they started placing the WPS button.

In general, WPS serves to simplify the connection process and increase security somewhat, although for some it is simply another connection process, in many places where Wi-Fi networks are continually attacked it has become a common way of connection.

If you got stuck with WPS, now you want to know how it works, how to turn it on, how do I know my router has WPS. Don't worry, these concerns are also answered here.

How to turn it on and off?

The main thing is to identify the WPS in the routers, from brands such as TP-Link or the well-known Belkin, the system of WPS connection it's almost universal .

To locate the WPS button you have to go to the back of your router and you will see a button normally identified with the word " WPS And an arrow. This button must be pressed and is used for the connection process.

Turn it on

Here we explain in two simple steps how to activate the WPS connection.

Step 1

First, to find out if it WPS è active, we have to go to the web of our router and see if it is active, if not, we have to turn it on from the WPS option which shows us there.

In most cases it turns on by default. We always find it in the Security menu, so we go to WLAN and look for the card WPS quick connection and select the WPS enabled or WPS disabled option.

Step 2

After that we need to locate the physical button on the back and pressing it in this way is active. The next thing is to look on our device, in the Wi-Fi section and select to connect via WPS.

Disable it

To disable we can do it from the menu we mentioned earlier in the configuration of our router that we see on the web. But in general the WPS is always disabled unless you press the expected button.

Using WiFi Protected Setup is very good if we are looking for speed, it is also a good way when they ask us for the Wi-Fi password to make it faster and therefore the password is not registered on the device to which we gave the password. Give it a try and switch to the new security mode.

And since we know you're always on the lookout for new things, you can read and learn how to easily configure a router as a wireless WiFi modem by reading this article.

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