Why your mobile takes blurry photos and what you can do to fix it

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One of the uses we give the most to our mobile devices - in addition to browsing social networks - is taking pictures.

Because in fact smartphones have become the best substitutes for traditional cameras since, unlike these, we carry our mobile phone with us practically 24 hours a day.

But despite all our attempts, there is no way. Our device takes blurry photos and we can't post them on Instagram out of shame. Is there a way to solve this problem?

How to solve the problem that our smartphone takes blurry photos

If your photos are blurry, try these tips.

The fact that our mobile device takes blurry photos shouldn't worry us. Most of the time it is solved quite simply and this does not mean that the smartphone or lens is damaged.

So, if any of you have this "problem", try the following.

Do not move your smartphone when taking a photo

If you don't have a very good wrist, you may have noticed that when you try to take pictures you move your smartphone a lot. This can be one of the reasons why the photos are blurry and it is that, depending on the mobile phone model, it will have to be completely still to take good pictures.

Solution? Improve that heartbeat or buy a stabilizer gimbal.

Dirty lenses

Don't forget to clean your smartphone lens from time to time

One of the main reasons why photos are blurry it's because the lenses are dirty. Keep in mind that we always carry our mobile phone with us and leave it on any surface, so it's entirely possible that dirt will settle on camera lenses as the days go by.

Solution? Really simple. With a soft cloth or chamois leather to clean the glasses, the dirt will be cleaned.

Take your time when taking the photo

Haste is not good advice and less so in photography. While most modern smartphones have autofocus for those of us who aren't photography savvy, it's possible that many of them come out blurry because we misuse the manual focus of our device.

For all of this, it is best to take some time to prepare the photograph and focus, this way we will improve the way we take pictures in an incredible way.

Finally… the smartphone does not give more

The huge quad camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, in all its glory.

Unfortunately, a $ 100 smartphone doesn't do the same as a $ 1.000 smartphone. Nor does he take the same photographs. By this we mean that in the case of having an old low-end smartphone, the fault is not yours but your mobile device.

Fortunately today even the most basic terminals take more than correct photos, so if despite all of the above the quality of the photos is still horrible, we recommend that you change your smartphone to one of these. They are good, beautiful and above all quite cheap.

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