Why you should use Samsung browser instead of Google Chrome

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On both computers and mobile phones, Google Chrome is the preferred and most used browser by most users, but obviously it is not the only one.

Google Chrome has more and more competition especially on Android phones. For example, Samsung devices have their own web browser which, if you have tried it, you will have noticed that it works really well. But can Samsung's browser completely replace Google Chrome?

Why use Samsung's browser instead of Google Chrome?

Synchronization between Samsung devices

It's not a bad option to use the standard browser on a Galaxy Note20

One of the benefits of using the Samsung browser is that if we have other products from the South Korean brand, syncing will be much easier without the need to download other apps.

Only by logging into Samsung Cloud will we have a synchronization of all information such as bookmarks, passwords and more. So, in case your ecosystem is based on Samsung products, it is not a bad option to use the standard browser.

Better adapted than Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser but it has more and more competition

While Google Chrome is intended to be used in thousands of Android devices such as mobiles or tablets, Samsung's web browser it is destined to be used only in the products of the South Korean company. That is, its interface is created to be adapted to Samsung products.

Samsung's web browser is much easier to use on a Galaxy S20, for example, than on Google Chrome. Easier to use with one hand, a better layout (and a better sense) of the controls without forgetting the ability to customize the browser for a better user experience, which unfortunately cannot be done with Chrome. That is, the its interface far surpasses that of Google Chrome.

Also, the annoying ad blockers flooding certain web pages they work much better in the Samsung browser versus Google Chrome.

It works really well

If you have a Samsung device, try the serial browser

The above would be useless if when using the Samsung browser it did not work well, but the truth is that it does not. Not only can you change your default Google search engine to others like DuckDuckGo, Bing or Yahoo !, but the experience of using it is fast, simple and very friendly.

It also has automatic video playback disabled by default, a QR code scanner, an option to open links in other applications, and many other really useful options that make Samsung's browser a truly comprehensive tool.

Attention, we are not saying that Google Chrome is worse than the Samsung browser or that the latter is faster, we are just saying that the difference between one and the other is not that big and that in the case of having a Samsung device, it's nothing unreasonable to use your standard browser instead of Google Chrome.

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