Why you should use a solid drive: don't miss it

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What is a solid drive?

It is called SSD (Solid-State Drive), a solid state device that allows us to store information inside it, using a flash memory by replacing the old magnetic discs hard disks (HDDs) that could sometimes present problems, it is because in this way it is possible to have more technology in order to have a greater access speed to our operating system.

So also the possibility of a large storage in competition with the hard drive that we always use.

Advantages and disadvantages of the solid drive in our computer

Advantages of the solid disk

  • Greater weight and practical dimensions to be able to move it.
  • 10 times faster than conventional hard drives.
  • Optimal speed in reading and writing within the disc.
  • Faster problem resolution.
  • Quick access to disk information.
  • Login in Windows with much more fluidity.

Disadvantages of the solid disk

  • Its price is higher than the conventional hard drives (HDD).
  • The long life is shortened because it uses smaller transistors and they are easy to damage over time.
  • If we get an error inside the disk, the recovery time is longer than other disks, due to its flash memory where it generates storage.

Like any new product, we must point out that it has more advantages than disadvantages and therefore has become the record of the moment when users prefer to spend money on a disk that offers faster speed and more storage space, its size is also considerable, since it can be transferred if necessary to another computer without major inconvenience.

Featured brands and presentations

In the current market we can see that solid discs, after their success, have been filled with different brands that have developed their own solid discs and sell them at various prices, everything is also conditioned according to their size, weight and speed but all offer the same benefits., we'll look at several prominent brands that offer their discs.

Kingston is  been a brand that has always stood out for its products for users, highlighting the quality of its products and in this case presents the solid discs that promise to be the best.

Enterprise DC450R 2,5 “SSD, it is a unity that there it helps only to achieve great performance with higher loads only read inside the solid disk, it has several capacities:  480GB, 960GB, 1,92TB, 3,84TB.

SSD Enterprise DC500 2,5”, another unit that allows us to have higher reading loads but can also be used as a mixed format. Their presentations are:  480GB, 960GB, 1,92TB, 3,84TB.

In this case Kingston offers these two discs that stand out from each other, it depends on the needs of the users.

Other brands like  SanDisk, Samsung, Western Digital, Toshiba  and other Chinese brands have developed their own solid discs offering users a variety of brands and performance that you can find if you search for reviews on the internet.

If doubts still arise about the benefits of having a solid drive, you should find out more about each brand and there you will understand a little more about this world that if you use it and do a lot of work on your computer, it is a major investment for your day. . So don't hesitate any longer and install a solid drive on your PC.

In this article we try to clarify your doubts and concerns about solid drives over conventional hard drives and the advantage this generates in your performance and speed inside your laptop, computer or server, if you are interested in learning more about tricks and new technologies you must stay on miracomosehace.com.

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