Why use Discord instead of another app?

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Basically Discord is a totally free program for making video chats, calls between many people and text conversations, among other things. You can even create a community with different sections on a Discord channel. It is an extremely complete application designed for video game players.

Discord is extremely player-focused. Those people who spend many hours of their life enjoying the video games that give us so many pleasant moments. Online games generally require the people involved to be in constant communication and Discord takes care of this task.

Advantages of using Discord

Based on Discord it is used for maintain voice communication while playing. However, the application has an infinite number of features all related to the world of video games that can greatly expand your experience with any online title.

The app has gained its popularity by far beating other similar applications such as Skype. It is a completely free program, which has quite low latency, consumes very few resources, is safe, you can create channels very similar to a forum, add thousands of people, have conversations on these channels via SMS, even keep chats private and fully customizable.

If you have a large enough group of people on a channel, that's possible assign different roles to each trusted member, both as a moderator and as something else. You can create roles that are earned based on the activity of each channel member and all of this is customizable.

It also has an app available for mobile devices which is not limited and you can do everything you could do on a computer. The app's configuration options allow you to tweak them to your liking so that it consumes fewer resources and less internet connection while maintaining audio quality.

Discord the best voice calling app

As if what has been said were not enough. For those dedicated to the streaming world, it has a partner program with great benefits that give you access to several exclusive Discord tools that no one else can have.

Among these tools we can find: VIP voice servers, unique badges, the Nitro version, customizable servers. Also the possibility of earning thanks to Discord. While its requirements are a bit high, it's not too hard to achieve for someone who is dedicated full-time to this.

  • Twitch: have a minimum of 10.000 people and 100 constant followers. They ask to perform 4 live shows per week.
  • YouTube: here it's a bit high as it requires you to have a channel with more than 100.000 subscribers and around 10.000 views per video. Also, upload a minimum of two videos per week.
  • Mixer: Ask for the same number of Twitch followers, but a minimum of 50 viewers.
  • Modification: you must have more than 8 thousand subscribers.

Discord is a free program and you can enjoy the main features without any kind of restrictions. It has a "Nitro" version that has access to several features such as: animated avatars, custom emojis, unlimited upload limit, better quality when the screen is shared and the ability to select a tag.

However, we can assure you that for the vast majority of players the Nitro version is not necessary at all as it is very optional. It's more like demonstrating financial support to the app developers.

You can download Discord from its official website, it weighs almost nothing. But in case you don't want to install the app on your computer, you can also use a browser version with the same functionality as the desktop version.

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