Why the new Google Pixel 4a is so cheap

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When Google Pixel 3a was introduced, many of us said it was going to be one of the biggest phones of the year.

Now Google presents its new Pixel 4a, a phone that improves on all of the above and at a slightly cheaper price. How did you do?

Because the new Google Pixel 4a is cheaper than its predecessor

The Google Pixel 4a is cheaper than its predecessor, why?

The Google Pixel 3a wasn't exactly an expensive phone, especially considering what it offered. Good performance, an exceptional camera and a great upgrade policy for only 399 euros.

Most importantly, this new Pixel 4a gives us better specs, a better camera, and still a great upgrade policy for less money. That is, more for less money.

For this Google has given up on the launch of models with different colors. There will be only one color, black. On the other hand, there will be no XL version, only the normal one. At the moment there is no 5G although in the future there will be a version with this technology.

All this meant that Google focused on a single Pixel model, significantly reducing expenses and therefore being able to sell their phone at a lower price. In other words, Pixel 4a is a simpler and cheaper phone to make.

The strategy is therefore clear. On the one hand, competing with phones like Apple's iPhone SE 2020, and on the other hand, trying to attract people who want a powerful phone, with a good camera and support for updates. Will it work? Only time will tell.

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