Why my Samsung Smart TV does not turn on the fixed red light, only the Led blinks? - Solution

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What to do if my Samsung Smart TV won't turn on?

Smart TVs are generally of good quality, there is something for everyone, and some have functions that others do not, those of the Samsung brand, are no exception to the rule, they have a very good quality, in design materials, and when providing the service.

However, this does not mean that they escape any failure, there are some very common ones, who do not need to know much about the subject, and there is one thing or another that you can try, if, for some reason, the your device won't turn on, first try to leave it unplugged for a long time, it may have overheated and its components have an inadequate temperature.

Check your cables, Smart TVs are known to have one set of rear doors, more or less comfortable, and that we usually fill them with cables, in order to use all the options, to the point of having to look for ways to expand the number of ports, then, remove all the cables, leaving only the power supply.

Let it rest a few moments and plug it back in, if you see that the problem is solved, you may have a cable in bad condition or that there is something that does not allow power to flow between the TV and the socket.

A more technical solution to the problem

It may be the case that you want to try to fix the problem yourself and are encouraged to discover the device, for this you have to keep in mind that the pieces are delicate and delicate to handle.

You will only need a few screwdrivers and a lot of patience, even if you first have to remove all the screws you see, some even have rubber caps to hide them, they are also found in the TV's leg support.

Once removed, place it very carefully on a surface where it is screen will not scratch, and lift the lid very carefully, by doing so you will be able to see the internal components, generally these TVs have no more than 3 plates.

With your eyes you can make a surface control of the components, trying to identify any black spots or cuts in the device, in addition, you can check that it does not give off a burning smell, by doing so you can diagnose how serious the problem is, and better in these cases, if you do not have more knowledge thorough, it is advisable to take it to technical assistance.

Other possible solutions you should try

It is well known that when faced with these problems, it is necessary to remain calm, as if you are in a state of stress, things can become more annoying than they are, if you have tried all of the above and you still don't light up your Smart TV, or you don't have the courage to discover it yourself, this could be useful for you.

Relax for a minute and think, what happened before the breakdown occurred? Was there a power failure? Think of an unusual event that may have affected the operation of your device, perhaps there was a short circuit nearby.

These factors are critical when diagnosing the problem on your own, such as those caused by a overload, high voltage or some electrical fluctuations.

If a strange event like the ones mentioned here did not occur, the problem can be solved by downloading the device, this is simple, you have to unplug the TV from the socket and with the control press the power button for about 20 seconds, you should have Note that this does not work if you use your smartphone as a remote control.

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