Why is my Windows laptop webcam flashing? - solution

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One of the most common mistakes you can make when using your camera is screen flicker, something that can be very annoying. This error gives you a lot of headaches but don't worry, as the solution is very simple and you don't need to be an expert on the subject.

You just have to follow the guide that we will show you below very carefully so that you can see how to solve your problem. You will see that some of these solutions will be correct for your specific case and after applying it you will no longer have problems with the screen. In case it is not a web cam you can learn how to configure a webcam integrated in the Windows laptop.

What are webcams?

Before we start with the explanation to solve your problem, the first thing you should do is know a little about what webcams are. In this way you will have a clearer topic and you will be able to better understand the explanations that we will show you.

Webcams are cameras integrate or sold separately so that people who own a computer can use it for many purposes, but the most common is to carry out video calls. Web cams differ from other types of cameras mainly because they need a PC to work, if they are not connected the camera will fail.

Conventional cameras and even phone cameras can be used as webcam in case your pc don't have one already built in in case you don't know how to do it, we teach you how to use your mobile as a webcam on your PC without USB cable .. But this is not necessary in most cases, as it is very common for computers to be provided with this accessory already incorporated.

Webcams are very useful, but they are not faultless, a very common mistake is when screen flickers constantly which can be very annoying. But don't worry as this problem does not have one but several solutions that you can apply so that the screen does not flicker again and we will tell you what they are.

How to fix my webcam flash flickering?

There are several methods to solve this problem, but we will show you the best known and easiest ways so that you can solve this problem quickly. So follow the steps we will show you below very carefully so that you do not have problems with the procedures you need to apply.

Low light

One of the factors that can trigger the screen to flicker is the area where the computer is located, many have built-in sensors that measure the brightness environment in order to provide the best possible image in low light conditions.

However, if the PC is in an area with little light it is very likely that the sensor will cause the screen to flicker so if you light up the area or move the PC to where it is. more light the problem can be solved.

Bad configuration

Incorrect settings are another factor that can affect your camera, so you should look at the settings to see how sensitive it is.

Correctly configuring the camera will also improve the image quality so please do so to solve your problem if you don't know how configure your camera you can ask Microsoft technical support for help.

configure the driver

If the rest of the ways don't fix the problem, what you should do is reinstall the camera driver, since  they may be damaged or have an error for some reason. You just have to search the official website of the webcam distribution company to download the correct driver.

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