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There is an increasing need to be connected to the Internet, whether for business or family reasons. So we use our smartphones or tablets that automatically and via Wi-Fi networks and via connections 3G and 4G, they can connect to the network anytime, anywhere. But what if the internet speed on the mobile phone loads slowly, what to do? Find out here.

Why is the internet on my mobile so slow when I have a good connection?

However, even if you have a very good connection. For example: 500 MB, in most cases the speed on devices furniture can be quite slow. Whether you're connected via Wi-Fi or 4G, it's much lower than what you're used to using at home with your PC.

The reasons for slow internet connection on our smartphones can vary greatly and can be related to: hardware and smartphone router or even software or electromagnetic problems.

Any solution to slow down the loading of the mobile Internet?

Some are looking for ways to extend the Wi-Fi signal of their mobiles, but there are many reasons why the connection can be slow here we have collected the most frequent problems with the respective solutions, as easy and simple as we always do. 

Navigation plan purchased

The first thing to do is an Internet "speed test" used by your computers. You can try it online (without downloading or installing anything) or by installing a downloaded application (Test speed internet & Net meter) dal «Google Play Store».

After running the speed test, you will see two data in «Mbps», representing the download and upload speeds. Obviously what there is interested in more is the download speed.

And these are the ones that (for example, it can be 50 Mbps), you need to compare them with the speed purchased in your Internet plan. And after submitting the related requests to the operator that provides you with the Internet services; you can continue with the following steps:

Incorrect location of the router (router)

The router should send a good signal covering the places in the house where you use smartphones most frequently (such as sofas, living rooms or beds).

There are places where the router should not be placed, for example you will never place the router on the ground, in a corner of the house or near a window. You will not cover it or hide it ; no matter how ugly you look and what spoils the home decoration.

You will also keep them away from other electronic devices which can cause wireless interference and end good mobile browsing.

Overloaded WiFi

Another program we recommend using is called: «Wifi Analyzer» which is free and once activated it will show you with graphs and stars which is the best Wi-Fi channel that you can select for that moment and have the best speed.

«Wifi Analyzer» is a lightweight application which does not take up much memory on your mobile and shows you the computers that are connected to your network and you can overwrite the ones that are "stealing" your connection. If so, it would be good if you improve your Wi-Fi security with some encryption.

Which mobile connection to choose: 3G or 4G

If we are not connected to Wi-Fi, our mobile phone depends on the mobile or cellular network. In this case, although we have to install 3G in many places, especially indoors, but if your phone is 4G or 5G, we recommend that you take advantage of this capability.

On our smartphones we will make sure that in the "settings" the 4G network has been selected as the preferred network, and we will try to navigate in areas with high coverage. Depending on our residential area, we can investigate which of the different telephone operators can provide us with a higher speed.

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