Why is my Android phone not playing the videos in the gallery? - Bug fixes

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Android offers its customers the opportunity to modify different options and tools according to your tastes and preferences so that in this way the experience within our mobile devices is much broader and enriching. But unfortunately, this core feature of the operating system can go from pro to con.

But why exactly? Don't worry, we'll explain it to you. Being a highly customizable and modifiable operating system, we have the ability to literally change everything within our mobile device. But these are relatively big words, because if we are not careful what we touch or erase we can make a fatal mistake.

We tell you from the beginning. Android has the ability to offer its users the ability to edit and view internal folders and device root. Clearly, this is only possible by downloading a good file manager. This is usually a default app.

But you can also download it from the Play Store or from an alternative or third-party Market. When accessing these files and folders, we have the ability to modify a wide variety of tools, but in some cases it is best to leave it as it is, as they may occur mistakes like what we are you showing in this moment.

Why does my Android mobile device not play the videos in the gallery?

This is where we wanted to go from the start. One of the main mistakes when accessing the main folders of the phone is not knowing what we can touch and what not. In the worst case, we can ruin the correct functioning of a default application, like in this case the video and photo gallery.

This is one of the reasons main so the video player in our gallery could stop working or we may not even be able to open the application and are presented with the classic error »Force stop«. It is undoubtedly a fatal mistake and teaches us that although Android has a widely open operating system, we cannot change everything.

Another possible reason why our videos are not playing from the gallery is that a wide variety of phones have photo and video applications that they must be constantly updated. These apps are much more complex than the ones added by default, have photo and video editors, and are more customizable.

Returning to the topic, if you don't update this app, chances are you won't be able to play videos from it, just as you might not be able to open it normally. Another reason why we can come to present this problem are Google services. This turns out to be very common when we buy a new mobile device.

These Google services are likely to contain an error and interfere with the gallery app. Therefore, it is possible that no video is being played or that we can even see photos or images.

How can I fix this and be able to play gallery videos normally?

In the event that for some reason or circumstance we have changed or modified something in the main folders of the device, the solution will be the most drastic. We will have to make a backup of all our data and reset your cellphone. It is the easiest way to end this problem.

If you have a mobile where apps need constant updating, the solution it will update the gallery application, in this way we will eliminate the error while playing our videos and we can open this app without any problem or inconvenience.

If you bought a new phone and Google services have errors that interfere with the gallery app, the solution will be update this tool from the play store.

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