Why FaceTime Won't Work Won't Connect Says Not Available?

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And the fact is that the communication you can do is via audio and video, but unfortunately sometimes it doesn't work for me and I can't speak as I would like to my contacts. This time we have brought you an article that will help you in cases where   FaceTime doesn't work, won't connect, says unavailable.

It is also very common or is one of the recurring problems with this platform when waiting for activation. But these failures shouldn't detract from an application like FaceTime, which goes without saying that it's phenomenal. And while it may not seem like the solution to these problems, they are usually fixed very quickly and easily.

In this tutorial we will show you the most used solutions to solve the problem when   FaceTime doesn't work, won't connect, says unavailable. Which you need to follow to the letter but first you need to make sure you have updated your Apple device to the latest version, sometimes these issues are fixed by doing this.

Why FaceTime is not working does not connect says not available

Later we will propose different solutions so that we can solve the problem when  FaceTime doesn't work, won't connect, says unavailable. If you have already performed the update and the error persists, you should check that the application is activated. To do this, you need to go to the settings section on your device.

After pressing and several options appear, you need to select FaceTime and activate the button, if otherwise it is already activated, you need to do the following. You should do a check to know if the application is not blocked waiting to be activated, if so, you just have to deactivate it and then reactivate Facetime.

Another action you can take is to check your mobile data connection or WiFi, to do this you will go to the settings, then you have to select the WiFi option and also the mobile data. If everything is correct, try adjusting the date, time and time zone. To do this go to Settings, then choose General and finally Date and time.

It may also happen that this application is not available or installed by default in your country. This is why you should check that FaceTime is actually available in your region. If everything is correct, you should check the telephone number, check if your number and your Apple ID are displayed, if not, click on the Add address option.

If you've done all of these steps before and none of them caused your problem, you'll need to restart your device. This can be done in the following way, it is necessary press and hold the power button. After waiting, a red slider will appear, release it and then press the power button again until it restarts.

Why FaceTime is not working does not connect

This is also another of the common errors that this application presents and you can fix them if you give the following recommendations. The first thing you can do is edit the DNS settings. To be able to do this, you will go to Settings, press and then you will select the WiFi option.

Then press the "i" button located on the right side of the router name, then go to DNS and when you are there enter the number and then 8 or And finally leave the Settings. You can also check if the Apple ID is in the correct format.

This should be in the standard email, if not you should fix it or you can create a new Apple ID. And in this way we have offered you the different solutions that you can apply when   FaceTime doesn't work, won't connect, says unavailable. You just have to take these modest tips into consideration and you will definitely be able to use this application.

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