Why doesn't the notification appear when I'm on a call on Houseparty?

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We went into a seemingly smooth world on an electronic level, which gave us the freedoms we needed to grow in the same field. This, in turn, has catapulted many companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sony and others.

These same companies have tried to make their devices much more efficient. Faster, more aesthetically attractive and more powerful. This, without neglecting any of the users who use their devices.

But, as usual in this type of device (in any type of electronic device) it is normal for failures to occur. Not only at the hardware level, but also a level software costs., since each of these aspects has characteristics that need to be thoroughly polished and often it is not something that can be enough.

When it comes to breakdowns, we can mention those that occur in mobile phone call and message applications, as in the case of houseparty, a very popular application in recent times .

This is due to its efficiency, speed and comfort; In addition to other factors that allow communication between people from all over the world without major complications, here is the importance of having this application installed on your device.

But, like any application, this one can have flaws. It is something very normal. For each new version of houseparty, for example, it is normal that there may be bugs in the system that are promptly updated.

A clear example was that time when an Android OS had many child processes running at the same time, which resulted in people having battery problems or performance.

For this reason, we have to report a small issue that, while somewhat rare, some houseparty users may suffer, which can make them feel a little insecure about the app. These are the call notifications.

The problem of not being able to know if you are on call or not

When you get a call, the screen usually changes color or changes - the device will let you know that someone else is calling you. You now have the option to reject the call, which will prevent the mobile from showing you the call, or you can accept it.

Once a call is accepted, the application will let you know that you are on a call, via a notification or an on-screen interface that shows you how much time you have on a call. This can come in different shapes and sizes, but it always happens.

But what happens when I answer a call but my cell phone doesn't let me know I'm on one? It can be a big deal for many people, to the point of not knowing how to end a call. Therefore, below we will talk about how to fix it.

Fix the call notification problem in Houseparty

When you're on a call, houseparty should let you know who you are in a call via a notification. But this may not appear. And, although the cause is not entirely clear, we can talk a little about the solutions:

  • Check that you don't have a third party app that could interrupt this process. Apps are often installed so that calls don't appear during application or a game; check it out.
  • It is possible that when you answer calls you are giving a button that I sent you out of the call and minimize it in the notification bar.
  • In case you cannot find an apparent cause, perhaps it is better to restore your mobile to factory state.

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