Why doesn't the Marketplace appear on my new Facebook account?

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The Facebook Marketplace has been very successful among the millions of users who use this social network and this acceptance is due to the fact that this function allows the Internet users of this social network to buy and sell products; however Marketplace may be absent on new Facebook accounts. In this post we will explain why does the Marketplace not appear in your new Facebook account?

Why is the Marketplace not showing up in my new Facebook account?

One of the conditions that a Facebook user must fulfill for to use Marketplace is not to be new to Facebook ; that is, if your account has been created for a short time, this option is not enabled for you; This is because Facebook wants to protect Marketplace users from fraud, deception or theft.

Many unscrupulous people can join this popular social network with the intention of finding victims who can scam or damage their reputation; That's why Facebook has decided to omit this option for those new users who still don't have any kind of history or reputation within this successful social network.

Facebook's decision of do not allow new users to use Marketplace don't have to discourage you because you can use buying groups to sell and buy items, you just need to make sure those products don't infringe intellectual property rights. 

After using your Facebook account for a while, check if this option has been enabled; Facebook does not specify the time that must pass before a new user can use the Marketplace; But while you wait for the trial, interact with friends (it's easy to search for old friends on Facebook) and follow the verification process.

Other reasons why the Marketplace does not appear on Facebook:

  • No you have updated the Facebook to the latest version; It is important to update applications frequently to enjoy the latest news. 
  • It is not available in the country in you live or have recently traveled to and have not changed the geographic location of your account.
  • Facebook removed your access because you did not comply with commercial policies or community regulations; If you disagree with the decision, you can request a review and Facebook will get back to you within a week.
  • Internet connection error.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace:

The Facebook Marketplace tool allows the community of this social network to buy and sell products; This option within Facebook benefits sellers because they can expose their products to more people, as this social network has a large number of users.


  1. Facebook users will be able to view the products while browsing independently.
  2. You can reach a greater number of users, which you cannot achieve with a physical store.
  3. You can use Facebook Marketplace from PC or mobile.
  4. It offers you products based on your geographic location.

  5. No commission will be charged for the purchase and sale, the terms of payment and delivery of the product will be established by both parties.
  6. You don't have to invest a large amount of money to start your own small virtual store.
  7. Direct contact between seller and buyer, this is possible thanks to Facebook Messenger. The buyer does not need to be friends to send them a message via Facebook Messenger.
  8. Excellent positioning in search engines.


  1. Some users believe there is a lot competition between prices and products.
  2. Beware of scams, although this doesn't happen often, you should always be cautious when shopping online as many people use the internet to cheat and scam.
  3. You have to constantly renew ads of your products because Facebook puts an expiration date on them.

Facebook is the most widespread social network in the world, and this is due to the fact that year after year it is renewed with practical and captivating functions that manage to attract more and more users; One such tool is Marketplace, which is widely accepted by the Facebook community, and if you haven't used it yet, please find out what Facebook Marketplace is for and how it works.

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