Why doesn't Spotify open automatically?

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How to enable and disable Spotify auto start from your computer in simple steps

You can set it up very easily, so that every time you turn on your PC, the app opens by default.

If you want to activate the automatic start of Spotify from your computer, start pressing the keys » Ctrl + Alt + Canc» this will open the task manager.

The next thing will be to go to the tab "Start", "Startup" or "Windows Start", the name will depend on your computer.

There you can see a list of applications that you have installed on your computer. Search for Spotify and right-click to bring up the options menu. Awards "Ability". In this way, it will be configured so that every time you start your computer, Spotify opens automatically.

If, on the other hand, you are tired of this happening and what you want to do is disable the automatic start, you will perform the same procedure that you used to activate this function, that is " Ctrl + Alt + Del> Task Manager> Start, Start Windows or Start> Spotify> right click> Deactivate.

You can change this configuration as many times as you want, as you can see it is a very simple thing to do.

Once I open the application, I might also have the problem that it closes by itself and out of nowhere

How to activate and deactivate the automatic start of Spotify from your mobile quickly and easily

If you are one of those who like to listen to music from your mobile, you can configure Spotify from your device so that every time you plug in your headphones or turn on Bluetooth.

You can create a shortcut from your home desktop to open the app faster or take just a few minutes to set it up and that way you only have to worry about what music you are going to listen to today.

If you have an Android device, you should start by going to the device settings. It is the icon represented by a cogwheel.

Near " Applications » in the settings. The next thing will be to look for the list of applications installed on your device " Spotify «By sliding your finger down. Remember that they are in alphabetical order so it will definitely be one of the last on the list.

Click Spotify to access its settings. Search it for " Permissions ". Then click » Automatic start> Allow automatic start ».

If you want to deactivate this feature, you just have to deactivate this item.

If you have installed Spotify on your mobile, you may have the problem that music stops when you lock the screen, if that happens, follow this to fix the problem.

To get Spotify to start every time you plug in your wired headphones, plug them in to your mobile device to start the wizard. From there, search Spotify. It will ask you if you want it to start automatically, just click on " Yes " to do it.

To disable it, go to the headset settings from the device settings. Look for permissions and disable Spotify from the app list.

If, on the other hand, they are Bluetooth headphones le you have to connect and I will go into the Bluetooth menu to configure their automatic start. You can set it up the first time you connect it, so if you have already done so, delete the Bluetooth device from the list on your mobile.

This way you will have the option to activate it. When you first connect, open Spotify. You will be asked if you want Spotify to open automatically every time you connect it to that device. You need to press » Yes «.

When you want to deactivate this function, you just have to delete the device from the list of Bluetooth devices on your mobile.

As you can see, it is very easy to turn this feature on or off, it should only take you a few minutes to configure your preferences.

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