Why doesn't my Samsung or LG Smart TV connect to the Internet via WiFi and can't detect wireless networks?

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Check your Smart TV settings

To access the configuration of ours Smart TV (LG or SAMSUNG), we just have to grab the remote and look for the «home» button, when we do this, a menu will appear, in this we have to look for the section that says «configuration», here We will have the possibility to search for the «network configuration», which is the one that interests us right now.

We press the central button of the remote control and we will access a submenu that will tell us if we want to configure the TV via a "LAN" network, using an Ethernet cable, or if we prefer to use a WIFI network, we mark where it says wireless network and we should get a list with all available networks, in case this is not shown we have to restart our TV, it may have a boot error.

We search our home network and it will ask us for your password, we enter it and we should already have the Internet, there are some devices that have limitations when connecting, we must check that our network is compatible, if not, we will receive a warning in the menu, to solve it we must go to the router configuration and make the change.

Check your internet connection

If we have performed the previous step and we have the Smart TV connected to our WIFI network, but we still can't see the multimedia content, because we receive a connection error or an error while loading, we can take advantage of our other devices.

As a first option we can use our phone, we have to have it connected to the same network of the Smart TV and check that there is Internet, the service may have a fault and that is why the connection has been dropped, this would rule out a problem on the TV.

What we can do is contact the technical service of our internet company, this is recommended if the service has not been used for a long time, typically these failures or drops last only a little, no more than an hour.

We can also try to restart our router or modem-router, for this it is sufficient to disconnect it from the mains for one or two minutes and reconnect it.

Other tips to solve the problem

There are some factors that can affect our internet connection, ours Smart TV, like any device that connects wirelessly, it must have a strong signal, meaning the router must be strategically placed so that it can deliver signal to as many devices as available on the radio.

Also, if we previously use a VPN service (which connects us to an alternate IP), it could limit or prevent our connection, so it is good to disable any service similar to this, if you cannot disable it you can always restore factory settings, or in a more extreme case, go to the option "Reinstall system".

If we have many devices in our house connected to the same network, it may well be that this, this saturated, and therefore our Smart cannot access it and upload content which is easy to understand why we can remove or disable the WIFI to other devices.

As a last resort, if the problem persists, if our TV does not detect the wireless network, we need to check that our Smart TV is up to date, so that it has access to all features.

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