Why doesn't Discord recognize my microphone?

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Allowing the microphone is not only essential for Discord, but also on Instagram for iPhone. In fact, it's even essential to use Google Meet within your requirements.

These types of problems tend to occur frequently when using the Discord application, the detail is that they can be presented by several factors.

That is why I will name the most common factors of this type of problem that will help you solve when Discord does not recognize your microphone.

Microphone non-recognition problem

Problems when Discord doesn't recognize yours microphone they can be very common, it is very likely that at some point it will happen to you, as in this case. In fact, it's just as common as the annoying question "Why won't Discord open for me?"

Generally when this happens it is because the program did not detect any audio input, which is why you will perform the following procedures:

  • The first thing you need to do is restart and reset all settings.
  • You are about to reboot the device and when the backup message appears in the Discord application, you will reset the voice settings. You will find it in " Settings "And then in" Voice and video «.
  • Now you will go to the bottom of the page and configure the input device you will use to listen.


Difficulty with external microphone

If your problem or the problem that Discord does not recognize your microphone is due to external reasons, you need to perform the following steps:

  • To start you must check that your Jack 3.5 connector or your USB connector are well connected to your computer. Either way, you can test multiple USB ports on your computer.
  • Now you need to check that you don't have mute hardware active on your device.
  • You should also check that you have latest updates of driver on your device, if not, update the drivers.
  • You can also try to change the option " Vocal activity »And change it with the option" Push to talk «, To see if it makes a difference.

In case you still have the same problem after doing all these processes, you can perform a voice reset of your device.

  • You must select the option » User settings «, Then select« Voice », now« Disable »and you will select the option called« Guarantee the priority of quality of service packages ».
  • Now you have to select in " User configuration ", Therefore in" Voice "And now in" Active ", Here you will select in" Use the legal audio subsystem «.
  • Finally, change your device's connection to another entry point and launch the Discord application as an administrator.


Microphone activation

It may seem a bit strange but sometimes these problems that present in Discord are not directly application problems but of some other component of your PC.

Sometimes the problem can be silly, for example the microphone is disabled. So, to be able to download this is not the problem, you should go to the option » Recording device »To see that all options are fine.

You can use the Home search to find the recording devices and select the option. Now that the sound is on sale, you need to verify that the " Show disabled devices Is active.

To do this, you just need to right-click inside the box to bring up a window with options and select the corresponding one.

If by any chance the microphone you want to use is disabled, just right click on it and select the option » Attiva «.

This varies if you are using a professional microphone, as the input device is the one that works with the audio drivers.

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