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Many times when we want to listen to something while driving, we find that the car radio does not work or fails. There can be many reasons for this problem, but the most common is a blown fuse.

The most advisable thing to solve these problems is seek the help of a professional who knows the subject. This is the best way to protect and take care of the car and the components it needs to function.

Here we will mention some methods to repair the autoradio. We will also talk about identifying the fuse and how to replace it.

Causes and solutions that the car stereo does not turn on

On the Sony official website we can find some tips to solve the problem of radio without turning on. This company is recognized around the world as one of the best electronic devices of all time, including sound.

The first reason the car radio won't turn on is because they are there problems with feeding. All connections should be checked and verified that they are well placed to rule out this frequent possibility.

One way to do this is clean the metal connectors with a cotton swab, in case of detachable plate. It is important to make sure the car is completely shut down when we do this, to avoid accidents and problems.

After checking the electrical connections, we turn on the car and the radio to see if it works. If not, we can restore it and, if it still fails to turn on, we can try to measure the voltage.

For this it is necessary a multimeter, which is a tool that captures the voltage of electrical and electronic devices. In case all the voltage is correct and it still doesn't turn on, it could be the radio fuse.

One way to solve tension problems is to put a land the wires that power the radio. It is best to have this procedure done by an expert, because as mentioned above, we can cause irreparable damage or suffer accidents.

It is also possible that the car stereo itself has been damaged and will fix itself buying a new one.

change the fuse of the radio you have to do a series of steps, different from those we have mentioned.

Replacing the damaged car radio fuse

First, the car must be parked and turned off in order to identify the fuse panel of the car. It is usually on the driver's dashboard, under the hood or on the dashboard, and we can consult the car's manual.

Later we will have to consult the diagram of the same to know in which positions the fuse we are going to check is located. All fuses must be determined by the amperage and their function in the fuse block, without exception.

When the fuse is already determined, we have to remove it to check it and we can use pliers or even our fingers. We have to look at the piece of metal, and if it is burned or swollen, it is necessary to change the fuse.

Another important point is that we must necessarily change the fuse with one with the same voltage or amperage of the previous one. If we put one with more power, we can cause a fire in the car's electrical wiring, damaging more essential components.

If we want to drive by listening to music, it is always safer to listen to the autoradio than to use wireless headphones. A tip is to use Android Auto and listen to music, taking advantage of the available playback apps.

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