Why does the brightness of my mobile phone automatically increase and decrease?

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Many mobile devices can offer you this option, where the screen brightness can be adjusted automatically. And this does not mean that your phone has defects that justify a visit to a specialized technician. No, it is a new feature that is making the mobile smarter than before.

Smartphones are evolving dramatically and the time we usually change them has dropped to less than a year. Although the new models already try to make changes only with the new update. But there are more functions that we can perform with it, how to easily hide photos and videos without programs.

Why does the brightness of my mobile phone automatically increase and decrease?

As I said, this is a new feature that the new ones smartphone they are adopting to be smarter. And in this case we will talk about the new Android 9 Pie operating system. Which now shows us the new intelligent or adaptive brightness feature that will simply leave you speechless.

It presents us with two new options, where you can adjust the brightness and customize the brightness level. And they do so that the screen brightness be adjusted automatically without the users intervening in its adjustment. Since these devices contain a light sensor, it interacts with external light and delivers the desired brightness levels.

This obviously to deliver the necessary brightness and does not in any way affect the intensity of the brightness in the user's eyes, causing inconvenience that in the long run can interfere with their visual health. For this reason it is important to activate dark mode. Interestingly, these automatic changes always occur, but are most noticeable in two different circumstances.

Smarter cell phones and learning

If we enter a dark room, the brightness of the screen is reduced as much as possible in relation to the level of darkness. As we have already said, this is thanks to the light sensor with which it is equipped the device.

And in the other circumstance when we see automatic brightness with increased activity is when we are outside with sunlight, the brightness increases to its maximum levels.

These systems are said to be able to learn the brightness level each user needs and make adjustments, until more is needed and perhaps this will help us save battery power.

It is a form of learning, in which you train your mobile so that it adapts to your preferences. This is really artificial intelligence and this is just a hint of what awaits us in the not too distant future.

But this is a mode or a function applied by the smartphones of the Samsung brand, which has the automatic brightness mode. And it's learning from the changes made by the user, until those changes are made by the device. And it was implemented by previous versions of Android.

This way you already know why this strange behavior of your device and it was not a defect, which justified taking extreme measures. And so you understood in a very simple way, because the brightness of my mobile only goes up and down automatically, which makes you realize that even current cell phones learn.

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