Why does Spotify shut down by itself?

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As with any application or program, sometimes things can go wrong and annoying problems like unexpected shutdowns arise. Even within Spotify we find this problem, but it is something that often has a solution.

Even so, before starting you should analyze the problem, if you notice that the Spotify program crashes while you are listening to some songs, it is better to visit the guide in the previous link, instead, if the closure is unexpected, read the tutorial below.

Why does Spotify shut down by itself?

Unfortunately there is no specific reason why the application crashes, but you can try some methods and analyze some factors for solve the problem.

Although it can be annoying, as we have indicated before, we can use several options with which the problem can be solved in most cases. To know how to fix that closes Spotify enough read the following guide we have prepared for you.

Fix Spotify shutdown on your Android device only

Android is one of the systems most important operations in the world of cell phones today, being present in most cell phones on the market. Likewise, they are one of the most common devices we can find.

Even so, the work operating Android has its flaws, many of which are related to the security systems present in the operating system. It is quite common for the operating system to automatically close applications such as Spotify, but this can be easily fixed.

If you have any problems with your Android phone and Spotify, you may want to try the steps provided in the guide we have prepared for you. Read this information carefully and see if you can fix the problem. However, before starting it is highly recommended that you update Spotify to the latest version, as it may be an issue with the version you are using.

Solution to Spotify closures

  1. You should go to the Settings of system, the space in which most of the configurations of our devices are carried out.
  2. Once inside, click on the Finder located in the upper right area of ​​the screen and type battery.
  3. The different options are displayed on the screen, click directly on Battery. There you need to press on the three dots located above and to the right of the screen, click on Settings.
  4. Check out the sections Suspended applications e Applications deactivated, verify that Spotify is not here.
  5. In case the Spotify application is within these lists, it is very likely that this is the reason why it closes automatically. You can easily change how to remove applications from these options.

Another trick that might work

In case your problem is not solved, there is also another method that you can try in case Spotify closes. Read the following tutorial and check if this annoying problem is completely solved:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Android device. Once you are there, you need to locate the section Applications.
  2. Locate Spotify and click on the application. You should then go to the section Archiving.
  3. Different options will be displayed on the screen, press on the option Delete  cache e Delete data.
  4. Please note that your Spotify login details will be deleted. In any case, this method could be useful in case the application is not working correctly.

If for some reason the above didn't work, we recommend that you visit this tutorial to clear your Spotify app cache easily, as it represents a more complete version of the above.

And if even after all the above problems with the App persist, you can consider some of the best alternatives to Spotify for free to listen to music, so as not to miss listening to your favorite songs.

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