Why does Spotify remove some songs that I liked?

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We want to have all of ours favorite music in one place to have fun listening to it at any time. Spotify sure makes this task a lot easier, but it may not have that song you like so much on its platform.

Why does Spotify remove some songs I liked?

This can be for several reasons, and while Spotify is constantly renewing and adding new content, others tend to disappear. Songs may no longer be available due to changes occurred within the platform.

Disagreements with record companies

Even though Spotify strives to provide the best service, there are times when it isn't possible reach a renewal agreement with the artist or the record company. In those cases that artist's song is no longer available.

Changes to Copyright

If copyright changes (such as ownership changes) occur and it is determined that songs by an artist cannot be used on the music streaming platform; Spotify will be forced to remove the songs. Even if they then reach an agreement it is possible that they will appear again.

Only available in some regions

Just as copyrights vary, the availability of a song in a particular region can vary. As time goes by and with every Spotify update, the song isn't more available in some countries according to the contract that the platform establishes with the entitled parties.

Network connections

You may not be able to play a song from your Spotify account due to a network connection problem. In such a case, playing a song may cause problems.

Can't find a song you saved?

The first thing you should do is check if the song you are looking for is in "unplayable" mode. Enter the Spotify settings e seleziona l'opzione Show unplayable songs. Songs that were previously in the favorites list will now be displayed, but are not displayed as they cannot be played now.

The human factor can also be a mistake. Verify that a filter that hides none of the songs.

Also check if you liked a song correctly. Sometimes there like it an entire album, but in that case the album songs are not saved as favorites, this has to be done individually with each song.

Network connection can also give you a headache. If the connection fails right when you saved the song, changes may not be saved. Search the song again to check if the song is available on the platform.

Possible solutions

Change region with VPN

VPNs are those wonderful applications that allow us to "mask" the network connection. Using a VPN from our mobile we connect to a network in another country and from there we connect to Spotify. For the purposes of connecting to Spotify from another country, you can access the content available in that region.

Add songs to your playlist

It is a simple and quite effective solution. It is probably Spotify update issues that generate these types of faults. Enough search again for the song in the search engine that you didn't have and if it appears, add it back to your playlist.

Transfer the songs

To avoid losing the songs you like from Spotify, a permanent solution is download music to your playlists. An ideal application to perform this task is TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. The application allows you to download songs from your playlist in file format such as MP3.

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