Why does Spotify only play 10 seconds of song?

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Regardless of whether you have a free or collectible account, it is possible that while using it you have encountered errors or problems with technical level.

There could be multiple reasons why Spotify may experience some malfunctions. These can be based on various problems, such as application-only closing, connection problems, platform shutdown during screen lock, even problems safety with the account or cache.

However, all of this is quite common and we can solve it in a simple way, as we will explain it in this guide.

Why does Spotify music playing stop?

Here we will list the most common reasons why Spotify player may encounter some glitch and then stop automatic playback of music within Spotify. The problems could be the following:

  • Within the function » playback queue »Has reached the end and therefore the autoplay function has not been enabled. This is an error that can be easily fixed by accessing our account settings or preferences.
  • Another fairly common mistake is that queue playback within Spotify playback is resumed within another mobile device, which is why it is quite common for songs to break, as Spotify does not support playing its services on more than one device with the same account.
  • Your device does not have an internet connection.
  • Another common problem is that your account or payment has expired.

Are there any problems playing your music on Spotify? Try the following settings

If we have already reviewed ours settings and preferences, but despite this, we still have several problems within our reproduction; it is possible that the problem we have is within our own application.

However, as an application client, we can't make many changes, but we can still make some simple changes or adjustments; with which we can improve the fluidity of playback and with the improvement of our experience with it.

Among the adjustments we can make when we are "Premium" users is to reduce the quality of this reproduction. This is due to the fact that being users Spotify Premium we have the possibility to listen to music that has a superior quality and with it a high definition; This guarantees us the best quality, but also consumes a lot more than our band.

If the network we are connected to is slow or faulty, it is quite common to encounter problems when it comes to playing this music on our devices.

To solve this, we just have to open " Customer preferences »Within the Spotify platform on our computer or mobile phone and once there; proceed to reduce the quality of the music by simply unchecking the "High quality streaming" box.

Another option that we can consider to solve various problems with the player is move the Spotify cache;  in a directory that has more space so the application will have no problem with the application's temporary files.

Spotify is an excellent tool with wonderful tools that allows its users one secure platform and comfortable; that they can adapt to all their needs and requirements regardless of how they use it.

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