Why does my mobile turn off when I open Facebook? - Causes and solutions

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The problem is you check when a phone is turned off when Facebook starts seems to be a mystery and very difficult to solve. Smartphones provide a means of communication that no other device can reach. Beyond that, they can be a wonderful entertainment tool.

I social network, provide an effective means of communication, therefore, it is a window that allows interaction between users in any part of the world, such as: 'Facebook', which has been available in the world of the web for more than a decade. For these reasons, all people use "Facebook" from any device.

What requirements does the phone need to run Facebook?

In order for your phone to run Facebook, the first requirement is to give it permission in the application manager in so that it can be used without problems, so during the installation you have to check that the phone has enough memory so that the app does not generate faults on the device. 

How to know if the facebook version is compatible with my mobile

If you want to find out if the Facebook version is compatible with your mobile, it's very simple. This can be done through two methods, the first is to enter the Google Play Store and check the version in which the App can be installed and then enter the specifications of your mobile to check which version of Android you have. On the other hand, the second easiest way to know if the Facebook version is compatible with your mobile is to enter the Google Play Store and select "Install" in case your version is not immediately compatible, a message will appear that installation cannot be done for this reason. 

Possible reasons for this problem

The problem that occurs when a phone is turned off when Facebook starts seems to be an enigma for the non-technical. It's hard to tell that a phone fails for no apparent reason, and even more so when it has no apparent physical symptoms.

To solve the problem that occurs when a phone turns off when Facebook starts, you just need to investigate certain probabilities, which can cause a smartphone to shut down for no reason. One of the things that cause your mobile to turn off when you log into "Facebook" it could be that the battery of this is damaged.

Symptoms of a bad battery include frequent stopping or restarting of the phone, the percentage of charge fluctuating erratically, or the charge not taking long enough.

On the other hand, there are other reasons that cause the problem to occur when a phone is turned off when Facebook starts. One of them is that the phone has a very overloaded "RAM" memory and this happens when you use too many applications at the same time, so you need to close them before using "Facebook".

If your mobile turns off when you log into Facebook or just stops working, that's why the app is causing a problem in the system , it should be noted that the problem can be caused by several reasons, below we will mention the most frequent reasons why the problem originates. 

Damaged battery

If your phone's battery is damaged when you log into Facebook or want to open any other application that generate significant battery drain like Facebook, the device will shut down almost immediately. To check if the problem is due to the battery, what you should do is enter Facebook while you are charging the phone, if the mobile does not turn off it means that the problem is with the battery. However, you should only do this to check if the problem is due to the battery as it is dangerous to use a charging phone if the battery is damaged. 

RAM overload

If everything on your phone is in perfect condition, but you have several applications installed and when you enter Facebook the device turns off or stops, it means that there is not enough memory and RAM is overloaded . To solve this problem you have to debug your phone by deleting the cache memory and the applications you use or are not essential. 

Corrupted data

It is possible that the problem is not with your specific phone. It may happen that you have updated Facebook and it has been installed with some error or corrupted data. To fix this, what you should do is wait for the next update so that the error is automatically fixed.

How else can I log into Facebook?

In case you want to use Facebook on your phone but run into the problems we have mentioned above, you shouldn't worry. There are other ways to access the Social Network from your mobile that we will explain below. 


The first option is the simplest, to avoid any problem what you need to do is to enter Facebook from browser on your phone and use the Social Network in desktop mode so as not to have problems. 

Facebook Lite

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who like to use Facebook from the application, there is still hope. Facebook has an optimized App to avoid such problems, all you need to do is enter the Google Play Store to install Facebook Lite. 

How to download «Facebook» to my Android phone in an easy way?

The social network 'Facebook' is probably the tool that has had greater user registration success than any other social network and, not only in the amount of user registration, but also in the large number of people using it. To download 'Facebook' to an Android device, you just have to follow a few simple steps, which obviously require the use of the Internet.

To download 'Facebook', you need to have downloaded and installed the application ‘Google Play Store’, it will always be there when you need it, because in all 'Android systems' it is preloaded. Once in the 'App' you just have to go to the search bar and copy the word 'Facebook'.

Once the above is completed, you need to select the 'Install' option, it is advisable to have a good internet connection, after the download is complete you need to wait for the installation, but, don't worry, it will only take a few seconds.

Subsequently, you have to go to the application menu, locate the 'Facebook', select it and that's it, you can start by logging into your account, or if you don't have one you can create an account on the 'Facebook' social network, it all depends on you.

Can I use Facebook without having a phone number?

The problem that occurs when a phone is turned off when Facebook starts up, may occur on occasion and may or may not be normal. On the other hand, many users of the internet world often ask themselves if it is possible to have a 'Facebook' account without a phone number, and the answer is a simple 'Yes'.

Using "Facebook" is one of the most common things a person can do today, such as: "Create a Facebook account". However, this social network has taken some measures, to protect its integrity as a serious company and to protect the integrity of its users, especially when it comes to security.

Facebook asks for two requirements to choose from when its users want to create an account, the first of which is have a real phone number or have an email account.

These are the two methods that exist for create an account in the social network in question, but, if you don't have a phone number, it gives you the possibility to register a 'Facebook' account with email, if you don't have one you can create a 'Gmail' account email address or any other.

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