Why does it appear that I am logged in from another city on my Facebook? - Wrong location

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What is location in a Facebook connection?

As you know, Facebook is one of the most influential social networks of this century, it has managed to be recognized in every corner of this planet and millions of users registered are increasing, so this social network is here to stay for a long time to come. on the top.

Like all networks of this type, where the Internet connection is based, Facebook has the system of localization of the address from to which you are connecting, both from a computer or from a mobile device with Android or iOS via an app.

And it also happens for the Facebook Messenger platform or software on Android phones, one is always required geographic location from the address to which the connection is made.

This address is the famous one IP address, through which a user can be identified on the network, and so it happens for any site on the Internet.

The IP address is then used for generate a position in the Facebook connection, so that the user can be geographically located and therefore, with great precision in some cases, be able to register the place where a person has connected.

Why does it appear that I am logged in from another city on my Facebook?

When we connect to Facebook, whether via a laptop, desktop computer, mobile device or any other means, we generate an identification mediated by the IP address with which we can be traced or located on the network.

Connection problems, such as those usually caused by DNS server errors, WLAN or LAN problems, also have to do with the IP address, and the error of appearing connected by another city on Facebook it's one of these.

As has been said several times, this error can occur from any device, even regardless of the platform or software it runs on, such as Facebook and Facebook Lite.

Repeatedly, when we go to Settings within ours Facebook account, we find how strange it is to see that we have logged in from some devices located in a different region than ours, which we have probably never visited before ..

This usually happens in small towns due to the little relative geographic information found in them, so it's easy to assign any location from an IP address in a Facebook connection, this is known as wrong location.

What is the wrong position on Facebook and how to fix it?

Now, as already explained, an incorrect localization is simply the geographical record that is made in the history of the devices connected to a Facebook account, which has characteristics that are not false, but they are not the real ones ; that is, it is a geographic point that does not really correspond to the direction of the user's connection.

As explained, it is also a question of the IP address, and it is relative to those geographic sites which do not have extensive information regarding the meeting points on the map.

Therefore, it is not a mistake that has so many drawbacks and you can continue to use the account regularly, without presenting any setbacks like a sudden logout or the inability to access a site or group within Facebook.

However, if you want to try a solution, you can try updating your Facebook to the latest version on your mobile, which may work or work.

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