Why does FaceTime only work on Wi-Fi?

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It is usually not the case that this application has connectivity issues, but when they do they become a real headache. That's why we've brought you an article that will tell you how you can fix when  FaceTime only works with WiFi.

This appears to be one of the main problems FaceTime has presented since it emerged as a platform that allowed video calling. Since apparently you need to have an almost unlimited data plan to use this app. But it can also be due to some problems that come straight from Apple.

It is also very appropriate when you have a connectivity issue that you go to the Apple Services Status page. And so this way you can get a clear idea if the FaceTime connection is giving you trouble or not. Either way, read on to find out what to do when applying FaceTime it works only with WiFi.

Why does FaceTime only work on Wi-Fi?

It is very likely that your mobile data provider or your mobile network is offering you a very weak signal and this is why it is not allowing the connection. Another piece of information you can or should take into consideration for FaceTime can work with the mobile network. Is that the mobile data must be authorized, otherwise you will not be able to connect with this service.

To do this, you just need to go to the Settings option on yours iPhone Device, when you are there by pressing the Mobile Data option. Once this is done, it will send you to another window where it will show you a list where all the apps are displayed. These are the ones who are allowed to use the mobile data network.

So, you just have to look for the application FaceTime and check the box, this action will enable this feature and you can use mobile data to connect. And so in this way you can use FaceTime, without having to use the WiFi connection. This way the app should start working using mobile data.

Check other options to make FaceTime work without Wi-Fi

There are other tips you can try so that your device can connect through the app FaceTime, without having to use only the WiFi connection. First of all, you should check if your service provider has a strong and constant signal, as if its signal is weak, the connection will not be able to be maintained this way.

You should also check that the server Apple it does not present any problem and is the safest, since if it did, the application could not be connected via WiFi. If all of this works fine, you should force restart the device. This measure is taken as a last resort, in order to solve the problem presented to you.

To force restart your computer, you need to press the power and start buttons at the same time. You have to hold them down, until turns off and then the Apple apple logo appears on the screen. This action should only be performed if the above settings have no effect on your computer.

And these are the tips we can give you to solve problems when FaceTime only works with WiFi. Then you can use this wonderful native application for Apple devices. With the mobile data that your operator offers you and not just when you have a WiFi connection.

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