Why does Facebook not load and I cannot log in from my mobile?

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Facebook is one of the largest social networks on the planet and arguably one of the best we can find today. According to a tally made earlier this year 2021, this platform is estimated to have around 2,7 billion active users right now, making it one of the most popular social networks today along with Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter.

But it is important to note that all this incredible commotion for this social network has its right explanation. Facebook has been almost 2 decades since its launch as such on the market, over the years this platform has managed to adapt to the times by implementing new and interesting services, tools, options, functions and other incredible features that have generated a positive impact on users.

This recognized and famous social network is present in the vast majority of platforms, web browsers and operating systems, so it can be safely stated that this App is present in a completely general way on the market. Some of the systems where we can get Facebook are Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Firefox OS and many more.

Therefore, Facebook is present on mobile devices and on all types of terminals, but for some reason on several occasions several users have reported failures when starting the Facebook session on their phones. Among the most common errors, it is said that the application stays at the beginning and never stops loading.

We will then do a short review about the possible reasons why Facebook may not load you on your mobile device and how we can fix it, so stay with us and find out all the data, information and details related to this annoying and annoying incident.

Why can't I open Facebook from my mobile?

Little RAM available in the mobile

One of the main reasons why this error can occur is due to the quality of our mobile device. As is known, the terminals are divided according to quality and price in the high, medium and low range. It is very common for this error to occur on a low-end smartphone for several reasons. Perhaps the first is due to the low RAM memory of these phones.

Facebook is a somewhat heavy application and if your mobile device is low on RAM, the application startup process becomes slow to the point that it never opens.

You may also get this error because you have full internal storage, so it is possible that due to this you will not be able to log into Facebook again or at least it will run very slowly because the necessary data is not being generated to be able to use fluently. 

Bad internet signal

On the other hand, if you have a good mobile device, another possible reason for this problem is that you don't have it a good internet signal at that time and therefore Facebook does not have the ability to fully load. Another explanation is that it is possible that the App system has crashed and therefore we will not be able to enter, this has already happened a few times.

Having a good connection to the Internet, both via data signal and Wi-Fi, the application will start faster without getting in the way.

Updates failed

Facebook is an application that is constantly improving its platform and this quickly makes it obsolete on mobile devices. If you don't pay due attention to its updates, it may someday stop working or not want to start.

Very heavy application

By itself Facebook is a fairly heavy application and many times its weight is not supported by some mobile devices and this means that it does not start properly or when it does not load its content. This is why there are other applications such as Facebook Lite that perform the same function but with a much lower weight.

Why are Facebook posts not loading on my phone?

Once Facebook successfully launches on a mobile device, the next thing is to load the posts. However, several things can prevent this from happening. Among these are:

  • Internet error: make sure your internet connection is showing no errors or Wi-Fi is working properly. Since even the slightest variation in the constancy of the Internet can interrupt the upload process.
  • Application error: many times the error is due to an application situation and occurs worldwide. You can find out from other social networks or from your browser to check the information and find out if the error is caused by Facebook itself or not.
  • Update errors: If Facebook has released a new update and you haven't downloaded it yet, it means that the problem may be due to an update error. You can start the application but when you do, the story doesn't load at any time.

 What to do if Facebook stays at the beginning and doesn't load me on my mobile?

If you are having problems with the Facebook application while loading the startup, you can follow these guidelines so that we present you below to solve the problem and be able to enjoy the social network.

Clear app cache and data

Go to your phone settings, locate the Applications - Facebook and option proceed to clear the application cache. This will cause the application to lose weight and accumulated information and thus begin to flow better and faster.

Uninstall updates and install again

This gives only can do if Facebook App Manager is installed on your mobile phone. If you don't have it, proceed to do so.

Go to the settings section of your mobile, go to the Applications option - Facebook App Installer. Proceed to tap on the part that says Disable, then scroll down until you get the Facebook App Management option and also tap Disable to disable updates.

Uninstall the application and reinstall it

To achieve this you have to completely remove the application from your mobile, go to the Play Store and download it again. The update you get back will be the most recent and many issues will have been fixed, including connection and startup details.

Upgrade to the Lite version

If you have a low-end mobile device, it is better to delete your current Facebook app as it may take too much from your terminal. Once you can do that, we recommend using Facebook Lite. It is an App created specifically for this type of smartphone that does not have the ability to support the main App of this social network.

Facebook Lite is much less heavy and it doesn't take up as much RAM as its other version for high-end and low-end phones. You can easily download and install it from the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS. You can also search for it from an alternative or third-party store.

Log in from your mobile browser

Another way to enjoy Facebook without too many problems is open it from the mobile browser. You can have your data saved as soon as you open the web page and your start is loaded immediately.

The only thing you won't be able to do from this point is open messenger, depending on your browser. But if you have the Facebook Messenger application, it will redirect you automatically.

On the other hand, if you have a good phone but a bad internet signal, it is better to find some other place where you can connect as this app requires a good connection. Finally, if it is a platform fall, we can only wait.

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