Why does DIDI ask me for verification?

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Didi expects to become a strong competitor, because together with its counterpart, UBER, which charges a 25% commission for each trip, DiDi only charges 10%; percentage that many drivers find it advantageous, so you are certainly interested in working with DiDi; Here we will explain what DiDi checks require and how to comply with them.

DiDi asks for verification? For what purpose?

Like any application where the use of your personal data is required, requires a privacy policy; so it's only natural for them to make sure who uses their app. DiDi also uses these new security processes when it asks us for the facial recognition method.

With which it will be possible to validate that the driver is the one who has complied with the safety rules and policies, at the time of registration in the DIDI system; thus giving greater peace of mind and confidence to users who use these services on a daily basis.

Whenever he accepts a ride, DiDi asks the drivers for facial verification as a security measure; avoid identity theft as a driving partner. If the system detects that the driver failed the test and suspects fraud, it is a reason for being rejected by DiDi for violating company policies.

And in order to unlock it you will have to go through an appeal process with DiDi, manually and with a security team that the company has.

This process will be carried out by sending official documents, identity documents and photos; all to verify that it is really the driver registered in the DiDi system.

The purpose of this method is to analyze the factions of the driving companion, thus verifying the information provided at the time of manual registration on the page, all this is possible thanks to the algorithmic processes used by machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

What other security methods does DiDi have?

 In addition to having this method of safety, in DiDi you can count on attention every day at any time; Since it has a support and information team , to dispel your doubts or accept complaints you have during the journey through the number provided by the company.

In addition to this, you can share your current location and destination with trusted family and friends, up to 5 people; yes, you can share all your travel information in real time. 

DiDi has a GPS service ; Through the application they will receive a notification with the link of your position to your selected contacts; and in cases of extreme emergency, you have the safety button , which is part of the security tools implemented by the company.

When you click, the information of the route you are traveling on will be sent automatically, in case of an emergency.

Immediate reaction from DiDi security teams

It also counts the DiDi reaction team and emergency health services for added safety. This button is located at the bottom right, with a shield icon , when the journey begins it will appear. This function will only be available during the journey and you can use it if you feel the need to report it to the DiDi driver. 

With DiDi verification and safety methods, you not only guarantee safety to the passenger but also to the driver's companion; from GPS system and exploration of places high risk in metropolitan areas.

You will be warned when you cross areas, which due to poor asphalt or insecurity, can pose a high risk. You can also use a safety button, where the application can offer you direct advice or clarify doubts that arise during the trip.

In short, you can rest assured that DiDi's services are supported by local security services and technology; If you are a DiDi driver, ask for verification of your identity as often as necessary.

To avoid any mishap for you; if, on the other hand, you are a user you already know the many checks that DiDi puts in place for your safety.

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