Why do the videos I upload to Instagram look ugly? How to make them look beautiful

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This application is the best for uploading your favorite photos and videos, where if you want to get more followers you will have to post quality content, but many of the content creators have observed that the videos they post do not have the best quality, which is why one wonders why the videos I upload to Instagram look bad? How to make them look beautiful? This problem occurs in several users who use this application and do not know how to improve it.

Improving the look of the videos you upload to Instagram is very simple, then we will provide you with all the necessary information to solve this problem by making sure you have good content on your social networks.

What makes the videos I upload to Instagram look ugly?

Instagram is a great application for sharing any type of content, users can watch, share or repost it for their friends to see. For this reason you need to upload quality videos that don't look bad. As already mentioned, this error can occur due to several factors, the most common being your internet connection, as if you don't have a good connection, your video won't load properly.

It must be said that videos take much longer to post than photos, that's why they need to have the time to load. It also happens that this error is Instagram's fault, because it doesn't have enough pixels to make your videos look right.

Similarly, this problem has been presented more, in users using Android, since this application it works much better in IOS. On the other hand, this is produced by the quality with which you record your videos, this can affect a lot. 

This error also occurs with the photos and videos we upload in Instagram Stories, to fix this you will need to detect which one is causing the error, in your videos.

How to improve the look of Instagram videos?

To begin with, before posting any video in this application, please check your internet connection, turn off the Wi-Fi option on your mobile phone and turn it back on, or make sure you have enough mobile data to be able to post your video without an error occurred.

Try to avoid use the Instagram camera, as it has a very low quality. Many users are used to recording their videos from this tool, but this is a serious mistake, the camera does not offer the necessary quality to upload good videos. The best thing you can do is record from your cell phone camera or you can download a camera to your cell phone; when you upload it you will do it from your gallery. When you post it, you will notice that the video is great.

You can also enter the Play Store and look for the Instagram application, by doing so press the button that says 'Uninstall', then restart your phone, when you turn it on, reinstall the application. This will help you rule out any application errors, as this problem can be caused by the application. 

Do not even use the effects offered by this application. When you upload your videos you will see options to edit or add any filter, do not use them. If you want to edit it, you can do it from an external editor which will provide you with better quality and professionalism, also, do not upload them from other applications, some social networks give you the possibility to upload your content to Instagram, it is better to upload it only from your gallery.

Tips for making your videos more attractive to audiences

Try to find content that is commented on by any audience, this will allow your videos to be more shared. Make short videos, don't take too long, explain what it takes to have fun.

Create a visual impact, try to make your videos original, add something that makes them unique, show people that the content is associated with your account, use your favorite colors and pictures taken by you.

Write a monologue, this will allow you to express yourself more clearly, whether you want to create tutorials, promote products, summaries or any other type of content.

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