Why do I take distant people on Tinder?

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Exactly the same thing happened to me as to you… When I scroll through Tinder profiles, people from other cities and other countries appeared to me, and also people from countries who speak another language and even though at the beginning I had some doubts, I finally was able to clarify it. For this reason, I want to present the following article: Why I take people away on Tinder where I will explain what is happening so that they can also clarify this concern which, by the way, was added to a previous article where it was explained : what men date on Tinder being a man. Without further ado, read this and take advantage.

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Seeing People from Other Locations on Tinder [Clarification]

Firstly and for your peace of mind, it is necessary to say that there is very likely that there is no bug or error in the Tinder application and that there is no vulnerability of your account if they find profiles living far from you in «Discoveries» on Tinder.

Now, however, you can go check your search preferences by tapping your profile icon, then tapping the option: «Settings» and finally, scroll down to the section: «discovery» and check that: «the position" is "the distance" they are correct.

If everything seems fine, it is possible that this situation is due to the following causes (check them all).

Why I bring distant people on Tinder - Cause # 1: Tinder Passport

What is happening here may in fact be due to the function «Passport» of Tinder that allows users to locate themselves in another city or country to search for possible matches in a particular location and therefore they are seeing people who have chosen their city thanks to Passport and they see them too, because it is possible that one of they put a «mi like it» to their profile and that only their «mi like it» to match.

Likewise, if you have recently used «Passport» in another city, you may see people from that city up to 24 hours after you change your location (in 24 hours the distance in Tinder is updated).

Note: here it is necessary to specify that «Passport» is offered, among other things, to users who have a paid subscription to Tinder and allows – in practice – to search for people in other cities and countries.

Why I bring distant people on Tinder - Cause # 2: Detection settings

Another cause or factor of seeing distant people on TInder can be due to «Detection settings». Tinder points out here that sometimes users can see profiles that deviate a bit from the Discovery settings they're set to, and even if Tinder knows they're not in their search criteria, they expect them to count on you to make exceptions and scroll through those profiles.

Why I bring distant people on Tinder - Cause # 3: technical problems

If the previous causes consider that they are not the problem and really think that it is due to a rather technical situation. So, it is recommended to do the following:

  • The first and most logical thing to do is go to «Settings» and scroll down to the section «Discoveries» and then here, set a new distance and another age range (optional) and return to «Discoveries» so that the profiles appear accordingly. to your new preferences.
  • Another thing you can do is log out or sign out of Tinder (go to Settings > scroll down and tap Sign Out) and after that, log back into Tinder and go to «Discoveries» to see if it fixes this issue.
  • In addition, there is the possibility of logging out of Tinder and therefore now, access Tinder from the PC or computer in its web version and once done, go to the section «Discoveries» to see if the situation has changed.
  • Last but not least, you can delete the Tinder application and after doing so, reinstall it on your mobile phone and once done, you will access Tinder and go to «Discoveries» to see this way., if this situation was resolved in this way.

Finally, we hope to see clarifications with this article: why people on Tinder walk away from this situation that can generate some doubts and resentments in users.

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