Why do I get men on Tinder?

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Something very strange happened to me on Tinder and I think I'm not the only one… For the past few weeks, I have been using this dating application for a long time and as I've been scrolling through the profiles, I have found that suddenly a man's profile is that my research is women. If you have gone through this situation and it surprises you, I have presented the following guide: Why do i get men on tinder where I will clarify the reason for what happens and then know the supposed reason for this situation and not be surprised in the future that they come back to see some other profile that does not fit their search.

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Why do I get men on Tinder [Clarification]

First you need to clarify and reassure that your profile does not present any kind of problem or inconvenience, the detection settings can only be changed or modified by you at your discretion or convenience and there is no kind of system or application error Tinder..

Having clearly understood the above, it must be said that this type of situation occurs when a person at the time of registration on Tinder puts - apparently and unconsciously or consciously - a gender that is not his and therefore this person's profile seems to generate strangeness and the same situation can happen with age or with photos that don't match the search criteria.

What can be done

On the one hand, it doesn't hurt to go first to the section «Settings» of your Tinder account and see that in the section: «Discovery Settings» you meet your search criteria or tastes in Tinder and if there is an error, edit to your liking and by doing so, it will automatically adjust your search criteria.

After checking the above, if while swiping profiles they discover a profile that doesn't match their search criteria, they simply swipe it to the left and this way they will avoid it and new profiles will appear that match their search criteria in Tinder, so simple and without having bad blood.

However, they may also report the profile on Tinder so that this situation can be rectified. But the truth is that it's something that really doesn't cover beyond a certain weirdness and it's not something that bothers you, if you like you can read what Tinder has to say about it and this will be left to your discretion.

Finally, I hope that with this article you have clarified this concern which is surprising and can generate some strangeness, relax if it happens to you in the future and continue using Tinder as you have done so far, good luck

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