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It is the case of the application of Skype communication, which allows you to exchange text and video messages with your contacts. In this article we will explain how you can solve a very frequent problem when we use the application and it is when I call with Skype they don't hear me.

This application, since it became known as communication software for Windows operating systems. It was a real revelation and entered the fray with other platforms offering the same service as Skype. And it usually features some problems during use but nothing that we cannot solve in a few minutes.

When we use an application, we must understand that it is necessary to learn a know how it works e what is Skype. Above all, if we are giving it daily use, that is why we recommend that you use these tutorials that will guide you by the hand, so that you learn what you should do when I call on Skype, they don't listen to me.

When I call on Skype they don't hear me

A lot of times these types of problems have nothing to do with the program itself, you just need to make some changes to the Skype settings. You have to make these adjustments in what it has to do with the audio so you don't come back to presenting the problem when I call with Skype they don't listen to me and so what will we do to fix it.

First you will go to the application and start your session, then at the top of the Skype you will find several tabs and select Tools. When you perform this action, several options will appear to choose from and you will select Options. When you create a clip, it will show you a menu with many options.

You need to verify that all controls are activated, both audio input and audio output. Also check that the volume is at maximum level so that they can hear you correctly. At the bottom right, you will find the Advanced options, you need to clip it to open and configure it.

This way you can change the order in which they are arranged peripheral devices computer, i.e. the microphone and speakers. You can also make a call to the application's voicemail which can help you check if the audio is working as it should. You can also cut out each of the components separately.

Adjust audio settings in the Skype app

You will do this to check if they work correctly, this procedure you will do with the microphone and speaker. You should also check if the connection is optimal, so you can rule out that the problems you have are due to the data transmission speed. If after all these adjustments, you still have problems.

Then you need to go to the tab Call and you need to create a clip when you perform this action, it will show several options and you will go to the last one which says About call quality. Here you will get a very useful guide, which will help you to solve the frequent problems with audio and video.

And in this way we have given you a summary of all the steps you need to take when the problem arises when I call with Skype they don't listen to me. We guarantee that you will be able to solve it, very quickly and easily, if you follow the advice we give you here to the letter.

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