Why can't I use Netflix Party or work for myself? - Solution

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This service gives us the opportunity to watch both series and movies and to be able to share them simultaneously, with the number of people you want. Thanks to the Google Chrome extension, for Netflix users.

The extension is called Netflix Party, what is Netflix Party and what does it consist of? . To put it broadly, it's a way of watching Netflix movies and series, without being physically together. But by sharing via chat, any comment you want, in real time.

Once you know it, you will want to know all the tricks and secrets of Netflix Party. Also for the convenience of Netflix users, who have a preference with mobile devices, or do not have a computer; There are ways to use or enjoy Netflix Party on your mobile.

What requirements must be met to use this Netflix Party application?

  • Since the Netflix Party extension is available in Google Chrome, it is essential that you have the browser installed on your computer, before purchasing the application.
  • Another requirement is to have a Netflix account as each of the participants. In this way all accounts can be synchronized at the same time to be able to see the series or film of their choice.
  • Also do not forget that all partygoers must have the Netflix Party extension installed, giving control to one or more participants in relation to what they are about to see.

What are the steps to install the Netflix Party extension?

  1. Let's go on netflixparty.com site e let's make click «Installa Netflix Party».
  2. Then, click » Add to Chrome «.
  3. Then a window opens and we click "Add extension".
  4. Then a message to inform you that the extension has been installed.
  5. Now open Netflix to choose the series or movie you want to play and let's do it click on the "NP" icon located in the address bar on the right, by selecting "The party begins".
  6. This last step will offer a link that you need to send to attendees, by doing Click your “Copy URL” and that's what will allow the rest of the attendees to share the session with you and start commenting in the group.
  7. Once we're done sharing, we click on the "NP" icon and on "Disconnect".

Why can't I use Netflix Party or work for myself? Solution

Problems may occur when using Netfilx Party. The origin could come from the Netflix account and we see a code; So the first step is to try to fix the error codes on Netflix.

If the problem persists. We must remember that it is a Google Chrome extension for laptops and computers only. It is not compatible with iPad, iPhone or Android. Beyond that, there are other reasons why a Google Chrome extension can fail:

  1. Un bad update from the developer ; in this case, you just have to wait for it to correct the error in the next update.
  2. Some files extension or its configuration has been damaged, so it doesn't load and does nothing. The solution is to uninstall and reinstall the extension at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions.
  3. One extension is compatible with the others, generating errors that can block it. To fix it, you need to reset Google Chrome to default values. Either from the browser settings or by deleting the profile; with the intention of reinstalling only non-conflicting extensions.

To conclude, we must remember that thanks to this service, most people have the opportunity to keep in touch, which enriches one's physical, emotional and mental state ; especially in situations where we have to deprive ourselves of going out and have direct contact with both our family and friends.

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