Why can't I see the last connection to Facebook Messenger?

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All applications they have a way to hide your status, hide from others, make yourself invisible or keep you offline despite using the application. Messenger is no exception and has that possibility too.

You can keep your last connection hidden. Which means that anyone can do it, even Messenger's privacy in this respect is not as strict as that of other applications. With its latest update, this application manages an amazing arsenal of tools for its users.

But a little further down we will tell you in detail how this topic works so that you don't have any kind of doubts. It is something simpler than you can imagine and even if you don't see your contacts' last connection it could be because of something you set up yourself.

I can't see the last connection in Messenger

Facebook has always tried to make its users interact as much as possible with each other and increasing the level of privacy is not something that the social network facilitates. While we can configure pretty much everything, the level of privacy that comes by default isn't the best of all.

Surely on some occasions you have found many of your contacts without their last connection. This happens because these users have deactivated the status " Active ". Once this is done you can continue to use Messenger both from the desktop and from a mobile device, only in a few words will you be "invisible" to others.

When you open Messenger and meet someone who has no status " Active Then maybe instead of see the last connection you don't see anything. Sometimes you only see " Messenger And nothing else.

The last connection is not displayed in Facebook Messenger

Another situation occurs when you don't see anyone active or their last connection. This happens because when we configure ourselves to be " invisible "Or" disconnected "works so much that no one sees you as so that you don't see anyone.

This means that if you turn off the focus you will not be able to see the status of others or their last connection. When this happens it is likely that due to an error or inadvertently changes the configuration of the asset.

How do we configure the Active status? In fact, it's too easy and you can turn it on or off as often as you see fit. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Messenger app.
  • Then, click on your profile photo on the top left.
  • Now you have to press on " Active state «.
  • You can see that a button appears at the top that can be activated, this works to enable or disable the status " Active «.
  • So now you have to confirm if you want to keep it on or off.

How to configure focus in Windows

  • The first thing you will need to do is log into Messenger from your browser.
  • After logging in with the same Facebook data you will have to go to " Settings, help and much more »Is the gear icon located at the top left.
  • Now click » Settings «.
  • Here you can see the " Active state ”And by moving the switch you can turn it off or on whenever you want.

We hope this article solves your question about the because I can't see the last connection to Facebook Messenger. It is really very easy to solve this problem, simply by configuring an option you will be able to review the last connection of all your contacts.

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