Why can't I put hashtags on my Instagram posts and stories? - Hashtags don't work

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A few years ago, the sign we now know as hashtag (#), was known only as a number and had no significant use in the world of social networking. However, that has all changed, because now the (#) or hashtag allows Instagram users to do things like, for example, make their content and profiles go viral.

To use hashtags well, you need to take into consideration some details like know which are the most used and also take into account that hashtags must be keyword and specific. There are techniques to automatically generate hashtags within Instagram itself, but sometimes there can be problems with ranking.

What can be done? Next, we will show you how solve the hashtag problem in story posts quickly and easily.

Why may hashtags not work on Instagram and how to fix this?

Many times, these errors are bigger than you imagine, they could even cause the Instagram application to stop opening on your mobile device. This is listed as "Error 504" and occurs when Instagram support cannot respond to user requests due to an update problem on the computer.

Users who have been presented with this issue have reported that although they try to fix it installing the application again, the problem persists. Therefore, in this development we will quickly explain how to fix this problem.

There are times when this problem could occur due to a failure in the Play Store ; To do this, clear your data and clear the cache in the phone settings. In other cases, you can also choose to delete the account you added to the store, restart the computer and re-add the account and download Instagram.

If the problem persists, you can download the APK available from Instagram from your browser, to see if it works properly with this different software. In case these options don't work for you, try factory reset your phone, but first make a full copy of your files.

Once you have run one of these processes, or if you have run them all, and you are still having trouble with the hashtag function, it remains an option. This malfunction could be an incompatibility of your phone with new versions of Instagram, so you can download an old version and try it out.

How important is the use of hashtags on Instagram?

Most Instagram users generally he tries to create influence on others and to do so he needs to have a large following and make an impact. There are those who use this medium like any other social network to advertise their business thanks to digital marketing.

To have all this fast, Instagram offers services and help for make it known on a large scale where you live or in the world. For this reason, the application has facilitated the use of hashtags, with which you can increase the interaction with your publications and increase up to 50%.

How to create good hashtags for Instagram?

According to the Instagram algorithm, according to their audience, publications attract more attention than always have hashtags in the caption. We say it this way because hashtags make it easier for these users to find new publications and they are interested in being able to follow accounts.

To create good hashtags, it is important to keep in mind that the words used are very specific and relevant and that they are related to the publication. Also, one detail to take into consideration is create hashtags that are localization in so that people feel more attracted to your profile.

Another couple of important points to keep in mind for having good hashtags is to be aware of the hashtags you have on them influencers or celebrities put.

To do that, you just need to be at knowledge of publications that upload or enter the keywords they usually enter into the search engine. You can also use applications that provide you with information on which hashtags are making an impact right now within the social network.

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