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Posting pictures, comments or videos in Facebook groups or pages is very common, but sometimes many users find it impossible to share some kind of content and don't know what the reason is. In this post you will learn why can't you post to a Facebook page or group?

Why can't I post to a Facebook page or group?

  1. Your Facebook group admin may have temporarily disabled your ability to post or comment. Facebook allows you to hide group members and admins.
  2. You are not a member of the group. There are three types of Facebook groups based on your privacy; There are secret groups, which are not visible in the search engine, closed, they are visible, but you can participate only if the administrator accepts your request and public, any user can join the group without the administrator accepting the admission .
  3. Be blocked by Facebook.
  4. If the case is that you cannot post images, check the format of the photo and its content, as it should not have copyright or sexual or violent themes. When uploading an image, use formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PN; If you use some of these formats and it doesn't allow you to upload images, download the latest version of Adobe Flash.
  5. If you try to upload a video and Facebook does not let you post, check that it does not contain inappropriate content or that the file is compatible (tricks to load videos faster). 

Why does Facebook block its users?

  1. It can block you for Frequently sending a large number of friend requests or private messages that have not been answered or requests rejected.
  2. Promote links, products, or your page in groups you don't belong to.
  3. When you join many Facebook groups every day. 

  4. You break the rules area of community of the group or Facebook page.
  5. Some members of the group have marked your content as inappropriate and offensive.
  6. Constantly posting hateful or discriminatory messages.
  7. Sending the same message over and over on the same day is often annoying and is considered spam.
  8. Facebook has received many complaints about your profile from users.

If you have been blocked by Facebook, you can republish the contents after 24 hours from the block; even the block can last up to a maximum of 21 days, the period of time you will have to wait will depend on the crime committed. However, there are permanent blocks where Facebook deletes your account and you cannot access it in any way.

How can I avoid being blocked by Facebook?

  • Don't post the same information (photos, videos, links) multiple times in the same day. If you need to post the same content in multiple Facebook groups or pages, please allow a reasonable time between each posting, this will prevent you from falling into Facebook's virtual prison; but there is a method that allows you to publish in multiple groups at the same time.
  • Know the rules of the group you belong to to avoid breaking them.
  • Do not promote illegal contests within your Facebook profile, in any group or page of this social network.
  • Avoid posting content, whether it's images, videos, speeches or comments with content that is offensive, sexually motivated, or encourages violence, racism or discrimination.
  • Don't make the mistake of buying fake "likes" or using fake accounts to popularize your Facebook page, since  this can lead to a long suspension.

  • Having a lot of friends on Facebook can be great, but if you send too many friend requests that are rejected, Facebook can be seen as spam and you will be blocked as a result. Send requests to users you know on Facebook it is very easy to find old friends with their names.
  • Upload original content Never use copyrighted images, text, links or videos.
  • Do not use your company name in your personal account; create a Facebook business page to promote your company or business.

Using the Facebook functions is very simple, but to enjoy all the benefits that this social network offers, you need to follow some rules that will help prevent Facebook misuse. Follow the advice in this post and avoid falling into Facebook's virtual prison.

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