Why can't I pay DIDI in cash?

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DIDI is used in a large number of countries and cities around the world, such as China, Japan, Australia, the United States and Latin America ; generating a considerable number of driving partners, as well as users, who use this car service on a daily basis.

What was your strategy for entering different markets in Latin America?

The DIDI company has become the most important transport for the Latin countries it entered; since, as in the case of Brazil and Mexico, its population is very large and taxi drivers could not cope needs of transport.

Furthermore, it not only offers taxi and shared travel service, but has also generated thousands of jobs and comfort for millions of passengers.

On the other hand they know that success lies not only in having a quality product, but they also make one study of the market, of its customs, listen to the opinions and the needs of motorists, and take into account the regulations of each country and city in which they offer their services.

In this way, applications improve with the support of artificial intelligence and also with the support of other applications, to adapt to these needs; For example, we can mention the ease of connecting DiDi with the navigation maps of Google Maps or Waze.

It also has a good security plan for users ; including driver face scan, distress alert or deviation of the driver, as well as a 24/7 attention service, among others.

What are the transport services that DIDI offers?

There are several services, among them we have:

  • DiDi Express: fast and convenient response service.
  • DiDi Select - Offers convenient rides.
  • DiDi Express Carpool: discount because you share it with others traveling the same route.
  • DiDi Premier: high-end, comfortable and quality vehicles, personalized attention.
  • DiDi Taxi: urban transport with internet technology for greater efficiency.
  • DiDi Bus: is an ally for other multiple transport services.
  • DiDi Enterprise Solutions: Transportation companies can open an account and prepay travel expenses to allow their employees to use this service in their future business. 
  • DiDi Designated Driving: for vehicle owners who need a driver for several reasons. 
  • DiDi Luxe: for passengers in 5-star hotels, equipped with food, drinks, Wi-Fi, music, aromatherapy and green plants.
  • DiDi Bike: bike service to share, safe, comfortable and easy to ride.

What is the reason why you cannot pay in DIDI in cash?

This happens in cities that have had certain local regulations; For example, in Mexico City , the regulation of the law on mobility has been amended and it was announced in Article 59 that drivers of services with request cannot receive payments in cash or non-bank cards.

Since 2018 there has been a struggle to change this measure, as 60% or more of the population does not have a bank account; therefore it is necessary to pay in cash for your transfer. 

But in mid-2019, a federal court has permanently suspended the previous measurement for unconstitutionality; give the go-ahead for cash payment; Today it takes place in some cities of Mexico, such as Puebla, among others.

It should be noted that the most countries accept the cash payment, but the user must know how to activate the cash payment in DiDi; the option is available in countries such as China, Australia, Colombia or Chile.

The Chinese company aims at bring this advanced technology to Latin America ; as it has great potential where they can implement the experience they have had in Asia, which has given them good results.

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