Why can't I make video calls on Instagram?

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Why can't I make video calls on the Instagram solution

It may happen that you have some problem making video calls on Instagram or it suddenly stops working. If this has happened to you, try some of these tips:

You must have one strong and stable internet connection. While making video calls can be a lot of fun, the truth is that it uses a lot of data, as it has to send live images and sounds.

Clear your Instagram cache. To do this you need to enter the "Settings" of your mobile phone and look for the «Application administration». Search Instagram in your applications to see its information. Press «Clear cache> OK.

Uninstall Instagram and reinstall it. Sometimes it can happen that it does not work properly and with that it is as if we are restarting it.

If you have Instagram Beta Tester on your device, delete it and go to the original application. It is true that if you have a beta application the updates come first, but most of the time it doesn't work properly.

Check permissions. To access all the functions of Instagram, it is important that you have granted the app permissions to be able to access the other applications on your device, such as camera, memory, location, audio, etc.

If after reviewing all these options you are still able to use all the features, please report the problem. To do this, click on the avatar in your profile. Then tap on the options menu at the top right. Search «Help> report a problem> write your comment> Report a problem.

How to make video calls on Instagram quickly and easily

To start a video call on Instagram we will start from the app looking for the person or people we want to talk to. Remember that only from the application mobile devices and for Windows you can access all functions.

Instagram allows you to make video calls individually or in groups. To make an individual call, we enter the app. Tap at the top right to access conversations.

In case you don't have a previous conversation with that person, you can search for them by their username from the search bar at the top of the screen.

Once inside the chat, tap the button of the video camera at the top next to the username. When the other person accepts the call, you can see her face on a split screen.

If what you want is to have a group video call, you will enter the app. From conversations, start by clicking on the camera you have on the right at the top of the screen.

It will take you to a contact list of the people you follow. Scroll through the list or search for them by username from the search bar at the top of the screen.

When choosing the people you want to add, click on their name so they have a light blue check mark to their right. When you are done, press " Start " top right.

You will enter a chat where you can chat. From there you can tell other members that you will make a video call.

To get started, click on the video call icon in the top right. As they are incorporated, the screen will split so you can see them all.

From there you have various functions that you can access during a video call. You can add some filters to your video, minimize the screen to be able to continue using your device in is out Instagram ITA, take screenshots, mute the microphone, etc.

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