Why can't I install Skype, can't download Skype and can't update Skype?

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In this article we will introduce you to the resolution of a problem that occurs in some personal computers or mobile devices. So we will show you because i can't install skype, i can't download skype and i can't update skype.

Many times the solution to this problem is achieved simply by updating the version of Skype you have on your mobile device or computer. But sometimes it turns out to be something much more complex, requiring a slightly more laborious process. The important thing is that we will provide you with the tools that will help you solve this problem.

But we must point out that many times the most common mistakes we find when   I can not install Skype, I can't download Skype and I can't update Skype. They are due to compatibility problems with our operating system. So now we will show you what you need to do to reach the solution.

Why can't I install Skype, can't download Skype and can't update Skype?

It often happens that when we want install Skype, in Windows 7 or 8, we get a Microsoft Installer error. This is due to the versions of Windows we have installed and to fix this we need to install this program from another installer. To do this we have to go to the Link that I leave here.

When open the link you will find several applications, in our case we will search for Skype, once you find it you select it. Then you will go to the bottom of the page and you will create a clip in the option Get your Ninite. Once this is done, you need to save the file to your computer, select the location and finally click Save.

When the download is complete, you will go to the folder where it was saved, you select it by giving it a double clip. Then a window will appear and you will select Run, creating a clip inside it. Another window will appear and you will select Yes and now what you will need to do is wait for the download and installation of the program to take place.

You will be able to see the download result at any time if you create a clip in the View Details option. The installation should take about two minutes to complete, when it is finished, we need to close all windows and then we need to verify that the application has been installed correctly on our computer, without presenting any problems.

What to do if I can't update Skype

With the above solution, you shouldn't do anything else as the problem it indicated is related to the installer. But if you have problems with the Skype update, you can apply the following solution. When the window appears stating that the application cannot be updated until a new version of Windows is installed, you need to do the following.

First you need to close all open windows, then you need to go Skype icon, select it and you need to make a right clip. When you perform this action, several options will appear and you will need to select Properties. When you create a clip in this option, a window with several tabs will appear and you will select the Compatibility tab.

When open this tab you will see a small box without checking the following information Run this program in compatibility mode for. Then you will check this option so that it is checked. And finally go to the final part and select the Apply option, so that the changes are made and then OK.

Now we have to open the application again and it will present us the window for update Skype and click Install Now. It will show you another window and then you will select the Accept option. And now we hope that the update is done and that is how it was The problem is solved we had with the Skype update.

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