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Sony's PlayStation 5 is just around the corner. The new desktop console of the Japanese company that was presented last Thursday through a spectacular conference in which we could also enjoy incredible games such as Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Resident Evil VIII or the remake of Demon's Souls, promises to offer an experience never seen before. first. in the world of video games.

Now, despite the fact that PlayStation 5 will soon flood shops and stores around the world, we can't forget its predecessor, the still alive PlayStation 4 and this console still has a lot to say. on being a huge purchase even today all these reasons that we detail below.

Exclusive games

God War was the best game of 2018 and is one of those gems that everyone should try

Although the PlayStation 4 is giving its final shots of life, the Sony console has an impressive catalog of games. In addition to cross-platform games, the PS4 is known for having some of the best exclusive games of the generation. For example: Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spider Man, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Uncharted saga or Days Gone among many other games.

Not only are these titles that will give us hours and hours of fun, but we also have a multitude of genres. It doesn't matter if we like action, platformers or role-playing games, PS4 has a game for everyone.

Future games and support

PlayStation 4 is not dead, Sony will continue to support it for years

PlayStation 4 isn't dead yet. The Last of Us II has just arrived here and in no time the spectacular Ghost of Tsushima will do it but they won't be the only ones. Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin's Creed Valhalla itself will arrive throughout the year.

And beware, because many of the games that have announced that they will arrive on PlayStation 5 will also have a version for their predecessor. Obviously they won't look as good or have the same performance, but that doesn't mean they are enjoyable. All this without forgetting that Sony will continue to support the console thanks to its services such as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Let's see, we have PlayStation 4 for a while.


Now is a great time to buy the PlayStation 4 and enjoy its fantastic exclusive titles

And finally the price. While we don't know the official PlayStation 5 price yet, it won't be really cheap. Rumors indicate between 500 and 600 euros, but on the other hand we can get the PS4 today for less than half. For less than 300 euros - and even less if we take a second-hand one -, we can enjoy a console with an infinite catalog of high quality games that every “gamer” should try.

In short, we all look forward to PS5 but let's not be fooled. PS4 still has a lot of rope to do and that is to date it is still one of the best consoles ever created with a catalog of titles that no one should miss.

So if you feel like enjoying the many Sony exclusives, now with the arrival of summer is the best time to buy a PlayStation 4.

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