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Introduced in mid-2020, the iPhone SE is a small terminal on the outside but rather large on the inside that continues to be talked about today, being a current competitor for an important part of the Android device fleet.

While its critics question its bezels and a 4,7-inch screen, which is an outdated design in 2020, many others praise its small size, its incredible power thanks to the A13 Bionic processor and its price of only 399 dollars -489 euros in Spain-.

We will not deny it. While the iPhone SE is looking for a fairly specific market niche, users are looking for compact phones with good power and at a medium / high price point, the truth is that the iPhone SE is a great option. Firstly because an iPhone with a high-end processor has never been seen at such a price and secondly why there are many Android users who are unhappy with the mid-range terminals of the Android catalog and whose wrist does not shake to switch to an iPhone supporting the following objective reasons:

Support and updates for several years

The first and for me one of the most important is the support and updates that this "small" terminal receives and will receive from Apple. Thanks to the fact that it shares a processor with the iPhone 11 Pro, it is guaranteed that we will see constant updates for about 5 years -if not more-.

Namely, this $ 400 iPhone will get better support than many other $ 1.000 Android terminals and that's serious enough. Except for Google, OnePlus and Samsung for some time, sadly the rest of the Android brands don't have an exemplary update policy.

Most powerful and cheapest phone to date?

If you want the best processor on the market today, you have no choice but to pull out your wallet with amounts approaching the four digits. Obviously not everyone can afford an outlay of this caliber so there is no other choice but to switch to medium / high-end or older Android devices.

Fortunately, Android has an immense range of possibilities and there are not a few phones from previous generations that remain fantastic options even in 2020. The point is that with this new iPhone SE we have a processor up to or above, for example, the Snapdragon 865 but less than half the cost of any high-end Android phone.

Higher resale value

For anyone who likes to switch phones every now and then, buying an iPhone is a great option and the reason is quite simple. While a high-end Android phone depreciates rapidly over time, the value of Apple phones is much more constant.

That is, if we buy a top of the range from 800 euros, when we want to sell it in two years, we will certainly do it for half or less. On the other hand, the iPhone SE in case of wanting to sell it, we could do it for 300 euros at worst. A big difference.

Switching from Android to iOS isn't all that bad

Let's qualify this before you send me to the lions. I don't mean that iOS is better than Android (which it isn't) or that the Apple ecosystem is perfect. What I mean is that objectively, a anyone who will test iOS will miss the core features of Android.

It's true that Android is much more flexible and allows us to do a lot more than iOS, especially in terms of customization, but if anyone is afraid of making the leap from Android to iOS, don't worry. In the App Store we will have all the essential applications of the Play Store as well as all the services and tools from Google. Furthermore, no one can deny that Apple's app store has unique apps that far surpass those of Android. In the end it all depends on tastes but Android and iOS are so much the same that there are few differences between them.

In short, the iPhone SE is a great terminal at a very attractive price. It's possible that many will be horrified by those incredible bezels or that 4,7-inch screen, but being objective, it's a perfect terminal for anyone looking for power at a good price. And this is it, can you imagine a powerful, economical and compact size Android terminal? If you have, give me 10.

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