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A major concern for virtually all cell phone brands has been getting the largest usable screen area and in turn eliminating frames. Although there are always exceptions like Apple's recent iPhone SE, the truth is that the controversial notch was the first step towards achieving this goal.

In addition to the notch, there were many proposals. For example holes in the screen, cameras under the screen or pop-up cameras. While pop-up cameras aren't the best of options in my opinion, the truth is they have a few other plus points. Well, two in particular.

Larger screen area

See how good my cellphone looks with a pop-up camera

Although when you use a device with a notch or a hole for the screen, you quickly get used to it, the truth is that the “little dot is always there” which takes up space on the screen. It is true that for many users it is not something annoying but for others it is a lot. For these users, smartphones have become one of the devices with which to consume a multitude of multimedia content, from social networks, photos, YouTube videos and even streaming series and movies. which is why most Android consumers want bigger screens every time and without bezels or "spots" of any kind.

Pop-up cameras come to solve this problem. The screen remains immaculate without any kind of hole or notch, therefore we will always use its entire surface without anything disturbing us. In case we want to take a selfie or a photograph with the front camera, we will only have to access the camera and by magic the pop-up camera will come out of its small hiding place.

Better photo quality

OnePlus has put a lot of emphasis on this type of camera in 2019

In addition to taking advantage of most of the screen surface, this type of camera has another advantage and that is to be able to incorporate "superior quality front cameras". As a general rule, devices always have better rear cameras than front cameras. Obviously we will use these sensors most of the time, but being placed in the back also allows brands to work more comfortably, as there is more usable space than in the front.

Therefore, pop-up cameras allow companies to introduce better technology in the selfie camera. We no longer have to hang on the screen so that we can add as many sensors as we can and that companies ultimately want. After all, and with the growing popularity apps like TikTok or Instagram are gaining, selfie camera quality today is something to consider when buying a new device.

As we can see, pop-up cameras have their advantages - they also serve to open beers but that's another problem already. However, in practice we realized that they are not the best alternative to the notch and that smaller and smaller holes in the screen or cameras under the screen are the future to follow and improve.

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