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A few days ago Google gave us the pleasant surprise of being back to the load with its Chromebooks, personal computers with ChromeOS operating system. The truth is that despite the Chromebooks have very successful in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the educational field, in places like Spain, the users have always preferred Windows or MacOS computers.

For my part, I've been a Chromebook user for many years and understand them perfectly. A Chromebook is not a computer for everyone as in many respects it is much more limited than the computers mentioned above. Now, Google has been selling very cheap devices, so it's worth a look.

A Chromebook can be a fantastic ally especially if we are aware of its flaws and its many virtues. Why should we choose a Chromebook? For what follows.


Google Chromebooks don't need powerful hardware. Being a lightweight operating system that runs almost entirely in the cloud, the truth is that while computers in the same price range drag on for a few months, a Chromebook works like the first day. I assure you that I still have a Chromebook computer from 2014.

Obviously, those who need a computer to perform professional tasks or who need specific software will not be enough a Chromebook, but for those who need a computer to edit texts, surf the Internet, edit photos in a basic way or conduct video conferences, a Chromebook is ideal.

Mainly because as we said before, it doesn't matter how long or how many years go by. A Chromebook will always work right out of the box.

Many applications to choose from

It is true that ChromeOS lacks many of the most popular desktop applications that we can find in Windows or MacOS, but it makes up for it thanks to the Play Store.

Thanks to the Google application store, we will be able to download hundreds of apps on our Chromebook, many of which are of the highest quality, so surely we will not miss almost any of the tools we use every day. And if not, we always have the option to download Linux.


Let's not fool ourselves. There are Chromebooks of all types and prices. High quality that comes in at $ 1.000 and even cheaper under $ 300. That is to say, no case for those who claim Chromebooks are cheap computers.

Despite this, Google at the moment it offers us only medium-low range devices with a price range ranging from 300-600 euros. Of course, most importantly, these Chromebooks will perform better than any other Windows computer in the same price range.

Video game

Unfortunately ChromeOS, like MacOS, it is way behind Windows when it comes to enjoying video games. There are rumors that Steam for the Chromebook will come at some point, but at the moment, it's just rumors.

Now, a 300 euro Chromebook, in addition to being perfect for editing texts (productivity), surfing the internet (free time), making video calls (teleworking) and much more, it is a perfect product to use the Google Stadia streaming video game platform.

As you know, Stadia can be used in Chrome browsers, so you don't need state of the art hardware to enjoy your video games. In other words, any Chromebook model can be used to play the most powerful video games of the generation.

As you can see, a Chromebook can be a great alternative for many of you. We just need to be clear about what we are buying, as well as its weaknesses and strengths.

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