Why are my photos and images not uploaded to Facebook? Solution

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It is no secret that since the appearance of Facebook, it is the most used platform in the world for sharing images. It is the social network that contains the largest number of users, but even so there are some drawbacks that we do not know how to address and correct. So we want to show you a tutorial which will explain why are my photos and images not uploaded to Facebook? Solution.

Many times this type of problem has nothing to do with the social networks itself, rather it can be a problem with your PC. But no technical problems, if not a failure to update a program like Adobe Flash. But in any case we will tell you the possible causes and solutions to this problem which is more common than you imagine.

Correcting faults of this type cannot be a problem, the real problem lies in the lack of knowledge to solve it. Facebook, like another messaging platform, it may have some flaws that seem to have no solution, but it doesn't. And the same thing happens when you try to contact Facebook when a more complex problem arises.

Why are my photos and images not uploaded to Facebook? Solution

As mentioned above, this can be a classic problem that occurs when we haven't updated or don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash. And to apply this solution to the problem where my photos and images are not uploaded to Facebook. We need to do the following.

First we will remove all old versions  of this program from our PC, now access the browser you use frequently and download the latest version of Adobe Flash. Once downloaded and ready to begin installation, you need to close all browsers.

Another point you should keep in mind is that if you have a program with which you block ads, you need to disable it. If this is not possible, in the exceptions it is necessary to include the social network so as not to have problems. Once this is done, try to upload again photos and images on Facebook and you can contact that you no longer have this impediment.

Possible reasons why my photos and images are not uploading to Facebook

Another possible cause not allowing photos and images to be uploaded to Facebook it is when using an image editing program. As for example Photoshop or iPhoto, in this sense it is important to upload the images without any modification. In other words, the original photo and you definitely won't have this problem.

Another aspect we need to take into account when uploading images to Facebook is their format. It is better to use file formats like TIFF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP. If for any reason you try to upload images in PNG format to the platforms, it is important that their size is less than 1MB.

It is also important to check yours Help Box, it is possible that you have previously posted a photo that was taken as offensive material. And you received a warning and for that reason the ability to upload photos was   temporarily blocked. Many users do not realize that they can be sanctioned and limit the options available to you.

Some problems that can arise in applications like Facebook or Twitter have nothing to do with them, but with external agents. One of these can be the browser, if it is not updated you may have problems uploading photos and images that are not uploaded to Facebook, make this update and you will see the problem solved.

Another possible cause is the size of the image, if it is greater than 15MB you will have problems loading it, so try to be below this parameter. And here we come with this article which showed you the possible causes and solutions to a very common problem. And very quickly you learned why are my photos and images not uploaded to Facebook?

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