Why am I stuck on Spotify when listening to songs?

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There are currently other companies that, like Spotify, are responsible for offering a good music service. However, out of all of them, this program is the best.

Regardless of whether you have a premium account or a basic plan with advertising, the system it is characterized by functioning optimally even when the Internet speed is low.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, as it has been proven that there are circumstances that interfere with the enjoyment of the music you play.

What is the reason why the transmission is interrupted?

The reason why Spotify freezes when I listen to songs comes in a very broad context.

However, it is worth mentioning that each of these types of problems has a very simple solution. Here we will explain how to resolve the one that is most similar to your situation.

Multiple use of the same account

For physical reasons, humans are able to be in one place in one certain moment.   This platform has adopted this philosophy for its method of use.

An easier way to explain this is that since Spotify is a compatible system on many devices and is governed by a previous registration, it can only be used in one place at a time.

In this way, if we start the transmission on the computer and end up using it on our mobile phone, the playback will automatically stop on other devices.

If you weren't logged in manually before playing your music, it is likely that someone else is using your account.

To solve this problem we need to open the program / application and enter the section » configuration »To select the» change password »For our account. Remember to change the Spotify language to understand better.

After making the change for encryption that is much more difficult to crack, we click » log out anywhere »So that any device other than ours cannot use our account again.

Premium account settings

At least half of the Spotify community has taken the advantage of premium account types to improve streaming quality metrics.

If Spotify crashes while listening to songs, even though I tried to make monthly payments, the problem boils down to being within the application itself.

The cause of the problem is that activating the high quality broadcast reception function, we increase the bandwidth consumption, which can present difficulties when we are on a low speed network.

To change this situation, we enter the computer and open the " Spotify client preferences »And uncheck the box» High quality streaming «.

In this way, we will reduce the quality of the sound that the music captures and the transmission will stop interrupting.

What can I do if none of these reasons apply to me?

The Spotify program, like any other, takes up one storage space on devices commonly known as a cache.

Without my device space being reduced for some reason, it is common for Spotify to crash when listening to songs.

To solve this problem, we can search within the application memory for " to shift »Cache to a directory with more space or just press» clears «.

Of the two, the most recommended is delete the cache, because if the cause is a corrupt file, it is deleted and the person only needs to download the document again to receive the transmission again normally.

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