Why am I getting FaceTime calls in English?

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In order to use FaceTime for free on our Apple device, it is iOS 4 or higher operating system required ; that is, it comes pre-installed with iPhone 4, 2th generation iPod touch, iPad 0,99, or Mac phones with built-in cameras. For older computers, it must be downloaded for $ 0,92 (EUR XNUMX).

How do I make and receive FaceTime calls?

If you are wondering how to make a call on FaceTime? Actually FaceTime is very easy and intuitive. There are several ways to do this: in your app, you just have to press the plus (+) button, write the mobile numbers or emails of your contacts; finally, just click on one of the 2 options shown on the screen, for the type of call (audio or video).

it is also possible make a call from the virtual assistant Siri, for this you just have to say the following: "Hey, Siri, Facetime [the contact's name]"; it is best to have the "Announce Calls" option activated on the iPhone, which is found in the phone settings in a section that says "Calls" or "Calls" (which is disabled by default).

What are the benefits of FaceTime calling?

FaceTime is an application included in all Apple devices, which is used to make video calls or group FaceTime of 3 or more people; the maximum number is 32 participants, but you can also make or continue the same call on any device you have registered with your Apple ID (Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) to avoid losing it.

Another thing you may be wondering is how much FaceTime consumes in video calling or if it's free. Well, compared to other messaging apps like Skype or WhatsApp, Facetime consumes less data ; An average of 4 Mb per minute will be downloaded for every minute of connection in a video call from a 3,1G device. While Skype needs 5,4 Mb and WhatsApp 6,2 Mb per minute.

A very useful feature in FaceTime is that you can choose how to stream the video, from the front or rear camera of the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or the camera supplied with Mac computers; that's why this versatile application is the favorite of most Apple users.

Facetime video calls they have an excellent 720p resolution, then the focus and image quality will be guaranteed; as long as our Apple device has an HD (high definition) camera which is part of its peripherals; otherwise the video resolution will be slightly lower.

Why am I getting FaceTime calls in English?

The FaceTime interface is extremely simple and if I get FaceTime calls in English; I definitely won't find the option for that. Since it does not have its own configuration, to select another language. In fact, the language of the vast majority of applications can be changed in the options of configuration of the device on which this application is installed.

In the case of iPhone devices, if we have set the factory English language, we can insert it in Spanish by identifying the settings icon (a 3-part circle) and entering the options in the following order: Settings> General> Language and Region> iPhone Language> Done (the language is selected in iPhone Language).

If it is in a language that is incomprehensible to us such as Chinese or Japanese; We can reach the same options by identifying the same icon twice (Settings and General), pressing the button on line 11; counting from top to bottom (Language Region), then where we see the word iPhone (iPhone Language) and the top right button (Done).

If the phone has Siri active, it will certainly also be in the same language; To configure it in Spanish we have to press the Settings button and go to Siri> Language options. After this, we should have solved the problem.

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