Who invented DiDi? Who owns DiDi?

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In addition, its product portfolio is quite diverse, covering all types of transport trade and becoming the owner of this market. Likewise, she managed to generate a large fortune, which allows her to advance in more countries, to offer all its products and services to its users.

Who invented DiDi and who owns it?

In mid-2012, the idea of ​​providing transportation services via a mobile application was not new, but it was quite profitable. Furthermore, in the Asian market there was no major company providing this service, which was already revolutionizing America with the UBER platform.

In the same year, Cheng Wei, an executive of the Internet sales company Alibaba, decided to found the DIDI Dache company. The idea was clear, to be the largest mobile app transport company in Asia and the budget was too.

In this way the DIDI Dache mobile application, which at the time only provided services to tourist companies, to pick up and bring their customers. Such was its growth that it immediately spread to the general public in the city of Beijing in China, offering car or taxi services with driver.

Subsequently, after several negotiations with its competitor Kuaidi Dache, both companies decide to operate and create the name DIDI Kuaidi, to refer to both companies. This way everyone would win, as their names would remain in the new company and the profits would be shared.

In 2015, the entrepreneur owner of DIDI Kuaidi, Cheng Wei, decided to buy the Chinese branch of UBER and change its name to DIDI. With this simpler name you could make your way to all international customers and be easier to pronounce for all your future users.

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Technologies implemented by DiDi

This decade is marked by the growth of many technologies, which undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality and service of a company. For this reason, the creator of DIDI did not want to leave behind and decided to have all the technological tools available for his company.

Next, you will learn about all of the technologies implemented from transport company of DIDI mobile applications that is making a difference in this business.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI). DIDI has an artificial intelligence institute focused on developing this valuable technology, to apply it in the making of automated cars in the future. This way they could do without the drivers of the cars they need to provide all the services they need DIDI currently offers.
  • Big data operation. The DIDI company is building a large cloud platform to integrate data anonymously, referring to roads, journeys and weather conditions. This would result in more efficient registration of drivers and the route to be able to prevent traffic on main roads.
  • Smart transportation. This technological tool is formed by artificial intelligence and the big data operating system, to create intelligent traffic lights among many things. It is also used to optimize traffic management systems and decongest roads and highways in periods of heavy traffic.

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As you could see that the inventor of DiDi has not only created a great transport company, but also keeps it up to date with the best technologies. If you have found this topic of Who Invento DIDI? you can leave your comment in this post.

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