Which is better Skype or WhatsApp? - All the differences

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Today we will do an analysis to find out which one is Skype or WhatsApp better? Both messaging apps are quite popular, but they have features that, while similar, may differ somewhat.

We will carefully analyze each of the most important features of the two so that at the end of this article you can decide on one or maybe both.

Skype vs WhatsApp which is better?

When it comes to text and multimedia messaging, you can't add too much of either application since, at the end of the day, it's the same. If we go to the case, any application that has problems for something so basic shouldn't even appear on a list to be considered.

For this reason this section is not the one we are going to analyze since both applications fully respect the ease of sending text messages, audio and multimedia files.

But something we can analyze is the question of video calling. We cannot deny that Skype beats WhatsApp by far. The latter allows video calls up to four people while Skype can make up to 50, even if the detail is that of those 50 only 10 can take advantage of the video, the rest will communicate via audio.

When it comes to image quality of video calls, Skype is king as it uses its own codec to make them. Making a Skype video call with a stable connection ensures flawless picture quality.

WhatsApp is mainly for quick calls with friends as its quality is rather limited to mobile devices. The idea of ​​the app is to try to consume as little as possible and to be fast to be used with any type of connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of Skype and WhatsApp

The same goes for the sound in both applications. Skype ha HD Voice in where the sound is heard clearly and clearly at all times. Instead, the most popular instant messaging app tries to compress the sound of all calls as much as possible. We cannot deny that the sound quality is still quite good, but it is not comparable to Skype.

Perhaps a negative point of Skype is not as simple to use as WhatsApp. We can't deny that the Facebook-owned app gives us all the easy-to-access options. Also, we are too familiar with them due to the popularity of this one.

In Skype this is different since the application itself is much more complex in many ways. It offers quality, but at the same time it is slightly more complicated to use both in its desktop version and in the application itself.

However, you don't even need a tutorial to use Skype. While some options may be slightly confusing with limited use, you can quickly catch up with the Microsoft app.

In a nutshell and to try to summarize what was said above. WhatsApp is an ideal app to communicate quickly and easily every day. While Skype is more used for the work environment or for making calls where it is necessary to maintain good picture and sound quality.

Whether they are calls for work or for those who study via the internet. Skype is the best alternative, the desktop version is highly developed thanks to the amount of years invested in it. So they are two similar applications, but with some noticeable differences. Each is ideal for different types of situations.

Another thing to keep in mind is that WhatsApp is much more popular and simply by programming the number of your friends, you can communicate with them. Many people don't have Skype, much less a Microsoft account.

At the end of the day , what is better Skype or WhatsApp? It will all depend on what you need to use the app. Likewise, it would be better to have both installed.

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