Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

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Since its founding in 1997, Netflix has undergone a major transformation in the way it delivers its services to what it is today: a international streaming service.

As for its most famous productions, we find the House of Cards series, which in 2011 significantly increased the popularity of this platform. Then we find other jewels such as Orange is the new Black, Narcos, Stranger Things, Three Reasons Why and of course The House of Paper.

When it comes to movies, Netflix has an immense variety that won't let you down. Also, this catalog varies depending on the region you are in. Some examples of great films that you can find on this platform are: Rome, Marriage Story, Two Popes and The Irishman.

Amazon Prime

While it is true that Amazon Prime does not have famous film productions like Netflix, we can highlight the following series: The Boys, Fargo, Patriot, Hawaii 5.0, Peaky Blinders, among others.

Now, if we are referring to the movies that this platform has generated, we cannot fail to mention a few that you should honestly enjoy as soon as possible, such as Lady Bird, The Big Sick, Midsommar, Manchester by the Sea, Suspiria.

In terms of content, Netflix far surpasses Amazon Prime because it has spawned countless series and films that are so good that they are recommended by all. Plus, Netflix is ​​constantly rolling out new productions to keep its audience hooked.


In this regard we can say that Netflix is ​​very simple, since it has three floors:

  • Basic: $ 9 per month
  • Standard: $ 13 / month
  • Prize: $ 16 per month

The difference between the plans described is the video quality and the number of devices you can use at the same time. Which will help you in choosing the best Netflix plan to hire.

With the basic plan you will be able to access only one screen and you will have a resolution of 480p. With the standard subscription, however, you can enjoy high definition content (1080p) and you'll have two screens. Finally, if you decide to pay for the premium plan, it allows us to have four screens with ultra HD definition. In all these plans you will also have the option to download series and movies to watch them without internet connection.

On the other hand, with Amazon Video Prime you have the option to pay an annual subscription of $ 119 so that you can enjoy all the ad-free content. It also allows you to play up to 3 programs on different devices but not at the same time.

In addition, this membership gives you access to the benefits in terms of the Amazon shopping portal, since you can take advantage of unique offers. Another major benefit of being a Amazon Prime member is that you use Amazon Music which is basically very similar to Spotify and you also get free games with your Prime account.

While Amazon Prime offers many benefits to its members, the price tag is very high compared to Netflix. That's why Amazon Prime is a notch below in this regard Netflix.


In the case of Amazon Prime Video, we find that its interface is slightly different depending on the device. However, on Fire devices, the experience improves by 100%. Another downside is that the search engine of this platform is not very friendly with recommendations and also does not allow the creation of profiles user different.

Conversely, Netflix's interface is a little more convenient and remains more or less the same across the various devices it supports. That is if we can create different user profiles that will have their own recommendations and in this way every member of the family group can have access to content which he prefers. No doubt, the interface of Netflix far exceeds that of Amazon Prime Video.

In conclusion, based on the above, Netflix is ​​worth much more than Amazon and therefore we advise you not to hesitate to subscribe.

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